"The AIR PIRATES" By R. J. Bartrop

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Uploaded 29 July 2008

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"The Air Pirates" page 8 - by R. J. Bartrop

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<>  Ilsa Klensch aircraft pictures added 2 September 2009  <>

"The Air Pirates"
-background references-

Ilsa Klensch
German aviatrix

Ilsa Klensch and the Bugman & Dross "Blitzen" racing floatplane - art by R.J. Bartrop
Ilsa Klensch and the "Blitzen" racing floatplane
by R.J. Bartrop

Overtaking racingplane 1938 (thumbnail) by R. J. Bartrop
<> "German flier Ilsa Klensch overtakes the American entry during the 1938  <>
Schneider Trophy race." (Pacific Press RadioPhoto) - (larger image - 1.3 MBytes)
<>  Art by R.J.Bartrop -
http://rjbartrop.artspots.com  <>

Ilsa Kensh profile & portraits
by R.J. Bartrop
(Larger art file with short text biography)

One afternoon at Superior Engineering
by Roy D. Pounds II (characters used with permissions)

Ilsa Klensch, She-wolf of the Luftwaffe - by RJ Bartrop
Ilsa Klensch by R.J. Bartrop

Ilsa, She Wolf of the
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