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******  Update 20 November 2017  ******
"The Great Pumpkin Battle of Spontoon Island"
(Immediately below)
*****  Update 20 June 2017  *****
"Tali & Millie Shake It!" (Immediately below)
****  Update 16 December 2015  ****
"Museum Piece" moved here (and to the Museum page)
***  Update 16 November 2015  ***
(Tiki Man portrait appears on this page)
**  Update 8 October 2015 **
"Millie Types" (opens to new webpage)
*  Update 30 September 2015  *
STEAMFOX: "On deck Art Lesson"
and "Thar She Blows!" (immediately below)

"The Great Pumpkin Battle" page 2 (Spontoon Island) - idea & pencil art by Jerry Collins - edits, inks, & color by Ken Fletcher
"Great Pumpkin Battle" - page 1 - story & pencils by Jerry Collins -
edit, inks, & color by Ken Fletcher - Larger file here (3.1 MBytes)

"The Great Pumpkin Battle" page 2 (Spontoon Island) - idea & pencil art by Jerry Collins - edit, inks, & colors by Ken Fletcher
"The Great Pumpkin Battle" - page 2 -
story & pencils by Jerry Collins -
edit, inks, & color by Ken Fletcher - Larger file here (3.1 MBytes)

Tali & Millie "Shake It!" (Hula) - Art by Roy D. Pounds II, color by MMMarmel - Tali character from MMMarmel, 'Millie' character from Roy D. Pounds II'
Tali & Millie "Shake It!" - Art by Roy D. Pounds II, Color by MMMarmel
*****  Larger file here (3.5 MBytes)  *****
(From MMMarmel: "Tali and Millie are having an entertaining evening on
Spontoon taking hula lessons. They sure can shake it!
I rather suspect
Millie is going to be shaking it a bit more when she discovers
she's wandered too close to a tiki torch...
Sure hope that's not one
of those tourist 'grass skirts' made of flash paper!
 Tali Hartoh Mason (page has Mature art) is from MMMarmel,
Millicent 'Millie' T. Mink (some Mature pages) is from Roy D. Pounds II


"Museum Piece" (Millie Mink & SteamFox) - by Roy D. Pounds II
"Museum Piece" - by Roy D. Pounds II
Larger file here (2.1 MBytes)
While on liberty, Millicent T. Mink & T. J. Foxx of the S.S. Athena encounter
Spontoon Island culture at a Casino Island art museum.

Shortly after the S.S. Athena left port and headed out for the Spontoon Islands
in the Pacific, Millie takes a brief break and starts working on
her latest article for a newspaper column she writes.
"Millie Types" strip panel #1 - by Roy D. Pounds II

(Larger file here - 244 Kb)
...this comic strip continued in:

****  "Millie Types"  ****
by Roy D. Pounds II
Upload 8 October 2015
Millie writes a newspaper column in her 'off-duty' time on the S.S. Athena.

(Opens to a separate webpage)

"Thar She Blows" by Roy D. Pounds II
***  "Thar She Blows!" by Roy D. Pounds II  ***
Larger file here (2.1 MBytes)

"During the long sea voyages aboard the S. S. Athena the crew needs to find things to do aside
from their assigned duties, otherwise other "Tasks" would be assigned for them.
(There's an Old Navy saying which goes; "Never volunteer for ANYTHING.")
Take the case of poor "Missy" who had clearing the bilges, painting the warning stanchions
 and swabbing the boat deck added to her daily tasks. Somehow a rumor got started that
the little Mouse Miss didn't like wearing undergarments in the warm confines of the inner spaces
of the ship, and "The Boys," being a fun loving and curious bunch decided to see for themselves
if this observation was true. Just as Missy was finishing up her task on the boat deck,
she paused atop a grate to enjoy the cooler, moving air venting up from below, and that's when
it was decided to purge the compressed air storage tanks using that vent. Missy ended up running
into her cabin, bolting the hatch, and yelling that the Athena was being run more like a three-ring
circus instead of a ship. This made for quite a curious entry into the ship's log that day."

Tiki Man (medium-size) - by L. Frank
*****  I believe that Tiki Man is appearing here to  *****
remind you that his comic strip (drawn by L. Frank)
featuring Tiki Man, himself, and his companion
crime fighter, Hula, is now at the following
Comic Strip webpage location.... (The Editor)

"Tiki Man and Hula" comic strip by L. Frank
**  Tiki Man and Hula  **
by L. Frank - Larger files here (423 Kb) and here (330 Kb)


New webpage:
Recommended Comics Links

(opens to separate webpage)
(Update 5 November 2014)

"Spontoon's Silver Angel" logo - by Fredrik Andersson

*  Silver Angel  *

by Fredrik K.T. Andersson

Preivously in Spontoon's Silver Angel (post-part 2 summary) - comic strip by Fredrik Andersson
***  "Previously On Spontoon's Silver Angel" - Page 1 - by Fredrik Andersson  ***
(Larger file here - 691 KBytes)

"Previously on Spontoon's Silver Angel" (page 2) - comic strip by Fredrik Andersson
***  "Previously On Spontoon's Silver Angel" - Page 2 - by Fredrik Andersson  ***
Larger file here - (691 KBytes)

Spontoon's Silver Angel begins:
"A Pilot Issue" - part 1 -
**  Reposting to this website  **
(5 November 2014)

© 2001 Fredrik K.T. Andersson                                                                         1
"Silver Angel" part 1, page 1 - comic strip by Fredfrik K.T. Andersson

"Silver Angel"
by Fredrik K.T. Andersson

Part 1: "A Pilot Issue" - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 -
Part 2: "Silent Sacrilege" - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 -
Update (a 'recap') 19 November 2014:
"Previously On Spontoon's Silver Angel" - 1 - 2 -
Part 3: "The Fall From Heaven" (7 pages)
 is away from this website, at the Naorhy Archives:

Go to "Stories" and then "Spontoon" (or "FKTA Archives") to find the art.

Leo Sinclair, adventurer & pilot of the 'Sea Bass' - by L. Frank
Leo Sinclaire

“Adventurer, Captain of the Sea Bass, and fan of tacos."

New art of Sea Bass characters
in the art archives of the comic strip
"Tales of the Sea Bass" by L. Frank

Tales of the Sea Bass - logo - by L. Frank
"Tales of the Sea Bass" - Most recent series of comic strips:
Started 29 May 2009 - previous strips here - art archive here

Logo for comic "Young Zeichner's Encounters" by S. A. Gallacci
"Young Zeichner's Encounters"
by S. A. Gallacci
(A repost from 1998 - 'Spontoon Island' zine #5)

"Steamfox" comics by Roy D. Pounds II
***  STEAMFOX  ***
by Roy D. Pounds II
Mr Foxy and his fellow Engineroom crew keep the steamships steaming!

Update 30 September 2015

"On deck Art Lesson" by Roy D. Pounds II (on board the S.S. Athena) - by Roy D. Pounds II
***  "On deck Art Lesson" by Roy D. Pounds II  ***
(Larger file here - 2.1 MBytes)

"One pleasant day as the S. S. Athena was steaming towards the Spontoon Islands,
Mr. T. J. Foxx decided to pass the time before his next watch by sketching and doodling
while enjoying the cool breezes from off the No. 3 Cargo Hold hatch. He soon
found himself the center of attention of a small group of Female crew members
who took delight in teasing him, but also complimenting him on his drawing style.
Millie even got the little Vulpine to blush when she asked him if she could pose
for him in the nude, "Like any good Artist's model should." She was only
joking of course, but for awhile there, "Foxy" couldn't help but
let his imagination run away from him." 

"Millie almost blows her cover..."
by Roy D. Pounds, II
Upload 4 September 2012

Millie's "Strange Plane"
by Roy D. Pounds, II

Millie Mink as an air stewardess, 1946

Upload 7 August 2012

Millie's "Swim At Dawn"
by Roy D. Pounds, II

A slightly Mature 'Art Studies' image from the Spontoon Lagoon
Upload 7 August 2012

"The Talent Show Aboard the S.S. Athena" (SteamFox) - by Roy D. Pounds II
SteamFox & friends show their talents - (Larger file here - 698 KBytes)
Roy D. Pounds II -

Milly Mink & the Anchor (thumbnail) by Roy D. Pounds II
Millie Mink and the Anchor - (Larger image here - 234 KBytes)
A pin-up by Roy D. Pounds II - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/steamfox/
(Melissa Pendragon, from her career working as a photo model.
From the 'STEAMFOX' setting and comic-strip.)

"Steampunk 1949" (Melissa Pendragon - SteamFox panel) - by Roy D. Pounds II
"Steampunk 1949" by Roy D. Pounds II
"The lovely Melissa Pendragon, (AKA Millie Mink), at work in her boiler room
and replying to some other crewmember's smart @$$ remark."

30 September 2009

The Spontoon Island Althing regrets to report the death of
Russell "Rusty" Haller. He did commissioned art for some of the story
contributors, and generously shared some of his adventure art with this website.
He had begun to build stories on his own island in the Spontoon Archepelago.
He will be missed.
There is a tribute page of some of Rusty's Spontoonie art.

More information is here.

Ace & 'Lani' Spontoon Island adventure comic 'cover' (thumbnail) - by Rusty Haller
"Ace and 'Lani" Spontoon Island adventure comic 'cover' - (larger file here)
"This is the "cover art" for a special comics story I'm working on for the
Spontoon Island website, featuring Superspy Alex Decker of Ace and Queenie
sharing an exciting ( and dangerous) adventure with his sexy Gal pal Lei' Lani."
-- from Rusty Haller, September 2009 --
  (Lei-Lani character by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lei-lani/)

Ace and Queenie
"Jade Death Gambit"
(Links to a separate website)
-adventure & intrigue webcomic by Rusty Haller-
Episode set on the Spontoon Archipelago!

"The Blue Mask" comic (thumbnail) comic by R.J. Bartrop
"The Blue Mask" by R.J. Bartrop
(Large file here)

Kitty Malone
John Speidel

I regret to announce the death of John Speidel (1959-2012)
(Short memorial comments)

Kitty Malone contents page
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three

Update Feb 2009

"Boom Boom Kitty Malone"
A fan-art tribute by Fredrik Andersson
Upload 17 November 2008

"The Air Pirates" color logo - by R. J. Bartrop

The Air Pirates
by R. J. Bartrop
Pirates and intrigue in the Spontoon Islands!

Page 6 Update: 12 June 2008
Page 7 Update: 20 June 2008
Page 8 Update: 29 July 2008
(with homepage reformat)

Big Red goes native (sort of) by Richard Bartrop
"Big Red Goes Native (Sort of )" by Richard Bartrop
" With thanks to Milton Caniff's Male Call "
Big Red background

Pilot Error
Frequent Flyer
(some mature content)
Taral Wayne

Secret Truth About Coconuts
Spontoonie Hula
Giovanna Fregni

"When Germans Go Native"
a series from Donna Barr
"Relaxing at the Beach"
"Gathering Coconuts"
"Capt. Horder fishes"
 "Capt. Horder guts a fish"

Island Tunes by Tom Foster
"Songs of a Quiet Village"

Fox Bros.
Tim Susman
Art Archive

Flight 1
Flight 2

U.F.O. Case #54

Sky Shark
Stuart McCarthy
"Sky" Shark's biography and art archive

Duralumin Ships n' Gas Filled Men!
Marc Schirmeister

Starry Delivery Service
Ken Fletcher

Out of Sight, Out of Time
Laurie Gerholz

Episode One

Episode Two
"The Isle That Wasn't There"

Episode Three
"One of Our Islands is Missing" 

Episode Four
"Leapin' Lizards!"

Episode Five
"Another One Bites the Dust!"

Claire Cicely acquires Tanji-li as a guide - by Laurie Gerholz (1999)
Claire Cicely acquires Tanji-li as a Guide
(from the Comic strip "Out of Sight; Out of Time" by Laurie Gerholz)

"Frenchy" DuBarque, Flying Sleuth
Rich Larson

Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three
Episode Four
Episode Five
Episode Six

W. Walker Wallaby
(Chapter 38)
Tom Foster

Tourists Mr. & Mrs. Raykovitz meet Rimu Raga, a 'native' guide on Spontoon Island (1930s) - by J. W. Kennedy
Tourists Bernard & Agatha Raykovitz are approached by Rimu Raga, a guide...   *
by J.W. Kennedy -

*  Mr. Chalmers  *
(new links 9 June 2013)  *
by JWKennedy
The 1st Narration
The 2nd Narration

The 3rd Narration
The 4th Narration


by Jed Kwynne
(opens to 500Kb file)
A rare colored daily strip,
8 May 1932,
 from a Sunday newspaper color supplement.
Graciously loaned from the archives of

JW Kennedy.