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Art & Culture Basket
Art and articles of the Spontoon Islands & their world
archived from many skilled contributors
Some linked art & some linked text
will be for Mature viewers
(because of adult situations).

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Mature rating
A few pieces of art & some text (for adult situations)
will be for Mature viewers

"Chasing Miyazaki III" - by A. E. Karnes
*****  "Chasing Miyazaki III" - by A. E. Karnes  *****
Larger file here (1.2 MBytes) - http://paxaeternum.deviantart.com/
"A different kind of flying ship"

Oki - "Papa" - Hiroyuki - Wood-working & sculpture artist - pencil sketch by Jerry Collins
Oki - "Papa" - Hiroyuki - Wood-working & sculpture artist
A pencil sketch by Jerry Collins - Larger file here (2 MBytes)
Jerry Collins has a mailing address on the Contacts page.

Dipping toes in the jungle pool - by Jerry Collins
Dipping her toes in the jungle pool... - by Jerry Collins
Larger file here - (449 KBytes)

"Lagoon of Peace" - by Jerry Collins
"Lagoon of Peace" by Jerry Collins
Larger files here (448 KBytes) & here (1.9 MBytes)

Mature Viewers

"Darling, wait your turn." (Spontoonie village-style bath-house - pinup) ink sketch by Jerry Collins
****   "Darling, wait your turn." - ink sketch by Jerry Collins  ****
Larger file here (1.8 MBytes)
Editor: An unexpected meeting in a shower-room on the Spontoon Islands.
While a 'village-style' public bath-house may have common soaping & rinsing
areas & shared hot-soak pools, there are often small private rooms with tubs &
showers that may used for a reasonable amount of time. This is a private bath,
and you obviously didn't notice the 'occupied' plaque on the door. (It happens.)

While most of the 'village-style' bath-houses are on Main Island, there are some
on the other islands around the Lagoon as well, and some of those may be quite
elaborate in design and plumbing, to attract visiting travelers.

Contributing Artists
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Selected Art from 2004

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Comic Strips

Cels from Animation



Nimitz Sea Islands


Building Sketches  *


*****  ****  'Round the Bay & Harbour  **** *****
(Art by Jerry Collins, featuring settings & characters)


***** ****  Informal Spontoonies  **** *****
(May contain Mature images)

Regional Clothing

Priestesses  *
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Tiki Madness

Tiki Sketches by Jerry Collins

*****  Dancers  *****
(May contain Mature images)

**  Tourists  **

***** ****  **  Hotels & Resorts  **  **** *****

Visitors & Guests

Fireworks Stand

Rain Island Military Syndicates

*****  ****  *   Aircraft Bases   *  ****  *****
(reformated aircraft art archives)
(including links to reference pages)


Aircraft Tenders

Visiting Aircraft

Original Aircraft designs

***** ****  Versions of Historical Aircraft  **** *****

Aircraft art by Daniel Salgues

"Kingfisher" floatplane - USA design



Ships & Boats

Roy D. Pounds II "Engine Room" Art Archives

Surf Spontoon!

*****  ****  May Day Celebrations  ****  *****

*****  Speed Week Races & Celebrations  *****

At the World's Fair

Souvenirs from the Spontoon Archipelago

Spontoon Archipelago Business Directory

Advertising Art 1: Archipelago Businesses

Advertising Art 2: Beer ads

Ad Art 3: Other beverages

Pulp Adventures


"Art Studies"
(May contain Mature images)

Pacific Wars: 1940s

Views from the World of Spontoon Island

***  R.J. Bartrop's "Big Red" Spontoon Island Archive  ***

A Lei'Lani Art Archive
(May contain Mature images)

*****  Jerry Collins's " 'Round Bay & Harbor " Art Archives  *****

O. T. Grey's Art Archives

Warren Hutch's "The Gaze" Art Archives

L. Frank's "Tales of the Sea Bass" Art Archives

Stuart McCarthy's "Sophia Bianco" Art Archives

Simon Barber's "Masie" Art Archives

"Songmark Academy" Art Archives

"The Red Dorm" (Songmark) Art Archives

"Luck of the Dragon" Art Archives

Rosie & Tali in the water - Art & inks by Kjartan - color & characters by Mitch Marmel
Rosie & Tali in the water (Larger file here - 806 KBytes)
Art & inks by Kjartan - color by Mitch Marmel
characters by Mitch Marmel

Mitch Marmel's Characters: Art Archives

Tali Hartoh [Mason]- Spontoon Archipelago Art Archives
(May contain Mature images)

Rosalie 'Rosie' Baumgartner Art Archives
(May contain Mature images)

Toni DiFrancesca Art Archives

Willow Fawnsworthy Art Archives
(May contain Mature images)

Willow & Reggie Art Archives

Les & Willow Art Archives

Les & Incocenta duCleds & their twin fawns (Maria Isabella Eunice & Rosa Luisa Antonia) - Characters by E.O.Costello & M.M. Marmel - commissioned by Walt Reimer - art by TheTiedTigress
"Les and Inocenta and Fawns" (Larger file here - 3.6 MBytes)
Leslie and Inocenta duCleds,
Maria Isabella Eunice, and Rosa Luisa Antonia duCleds (the Twins)

 Art by TheTiedTigress - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thetiedtigress
Commissioned by Walter D. Reimer

"Leslie duCleds (the Boston Terrier on the left) is the heir to the duCleds chemical company,
and Inocenta (nee de Ciervos y Comamenta) is the fine figure of a Spanish doe that he met,
fell in love with, and married in early 1937."
The story of their relationship can be found in the following stories:
Inocenta Until Proven Guilty
Valentine's Dazed
The I Do's of March
and in the current story In the Family Way, by Walter Reimer
which is being serialized on FurAffinity.

Leslie and Incocenta duCleds and their twins are
characters created by E.O.Costello and M.M. Marmel.
(Upload 24 January 2016)

Moko: Tiki of Dreams (thumbnail) - by Jerry Collins
Moko: Tiki of Dreams - by Jerry Collins
(Larger file here - 1.2 MBytes)

Memorial Art Archives

Stuart McCarthy memorial art archives

Stu Shiffman memorial art & story archives

"Sinnesteuersymphonie" Art Archives
Art by Rusty Haller - (May contain Mature images)
Warning: large graphics files

Rusty Haller memorial art archives

"DarkWolfie" memorial art archives

J. P. Morgan memorial art archives

"Neck Twister Sister" artist delivers the goods. Art by Marc Schirmeister
"Neck Twister Sister" by Marc Schirmeister

Photo & Image References
 for the use of Artists & Writers
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 Aircraft, ships, canoes & boats, architecture,
clothing, tourists, plants, scenery, & maps