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"Bits of Tahitian life flashed by the bus like pictures: Women washing
clothes in a clear stream, fishermen poised in their canoes with spears
upraised, little naked boys splashing in warm salt shallows, young girls
bathing in pools, their red and white pareaus clinging
to beautifully molded bodies."

(You Could Do It Too, by Hester Parsons, 1939 - page 39.)
Quotes Basket

Leena Klarasdottir will answer your questions - by Ken Fletcher
Lenna Klarasdottir answers your questions - by Ken Fletcher

Speed Week Billboard on beach - by Warren Hutch
Speed Week billboard on beach - by Warren Hutch
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/warren/  -  warrenhutch@yahoo.com

Webpage Updates

21 August 2014
Art Basket - Art & culture archives (a directory page of art & text)

"When Jealousy Rears Her Lovely Head" by Richard Messer
(Chapter 5)
Ming Xiu & Detective Sgt. Hargreave have a smoke
with Detective Inspector Trevor Hix. An artifact is revealed.

"Luck of the Dragon: Jacks Over Kings" by Walter Reimer
(Chapter 200)
Preparing the mission. Reminders & warnings. Packing the aircraft.
via the Story page.

New art by Simon Barber on the Masie Mallard page.
New art by Kjartan added to the pages of
"Share and Share Alike" by Simon Barber.
Aircraft art by Warren Hutch & Jim Groat
on the Aircraft Bases page,
Art by Warren Hutch (from "The Gaze")
on the Story page (Junko Mermaid, & the Nine Lives
of the Eye of the Guardians).
Redistributed art via the Art page.


31 July 2014
The Gaze: The Glass Goose - Art & story by Warren Hutch
(Part 39 - Free To Good Home)

Payments are given, deals are made, alohas are said.
(Part 40 - Epilogue)
  Over the next two years.
(End of this story arc.)
via the Story page.

text divider - The Gaze: The Glass Goose - by Warren Hutch 

Speed Week is coming: 24-31 August 2014. There are updated links on the
Speed Week webpages, & racing art moved there.
 Contributions are welcome - there's an information page for contributors.

New art by Jerry Collins is on this News page.
Previous art by S.A. Gallacci is reposted to the "Informal Spontoonies" page.
Art by 'Shoxxe' (commissioned by Mr. D. Reese Dorrycott) is reposted
to the Cranium Island page.

16 July 2014
The Gaze: The Glass Goose - Art & story by Warren Hutch
(Part 37 - Release the Dogs)
A surfaced sub opens up to share turmoil and freedom.

(Part 38 - Love and Understanding)
What you See is what you get.

"Luck of the Dragon: Jacks Over Kings" by Walter Reimer
(Chapter 198)
Gathering allies. Watching their backs. Leaks & leaks.
(Chapter 199)
  How to change the odds. "First aid training is important...."

"When Jealousy Rears Her Lovely Head" by Richard Messer
(Chapter 3)
Ming Xiu investigates a den with Detective Sgt. Hargreave.
A productive trail is found.
(Chapter 4)

Ming Xiu
looks into a photograph at the Constabulary Headquarters,,
and is not comfortable with what she discovers there.
via the Story page.

Art by Jim Groat & O.T. Grey added to the
"Luck of the Dragon" contents page.
New art by S. A. Gallacci & Shoxxe
added to this page & the Story & Art pages.
Art by S.A. Gallacci has been moved to the
"Informal Spontoonies" page. Other
redistributed art may be tracked via the Art page.

10 July 2014
Art by S. A. Gallacci is on the News and Story pages.
Art by Zannah is on the Art & Culture page, the Regional Clothing page,
& the Visitors & Guests page. Art by O.T. Grey is on the Mechanics
page and the Art Studies page. Art by Kjartan & Tegerio is on
the Art Studies page.
Redistributed art may be found via the Art page.

4 July 2014
O. T. Grey illustrates an article by E. O. Costello on the
"Spontoon Albino Kaibab Squirrel (SAKS)"
There is also now a sample art archive for O.T. Grey
via the Art page.

"Pessimist's Map of Spontoon Island" (thumbnail) - by Dennis Clark
Study the "Pessimist's Map of Spontoon Island"
by Dennis Clark, via the Maps page!

"When Jealousy Rears Her Lovely Head" by Richard Messer
(Chapter 1)
Wu Hsing Jade & Ming Xiu have returned to the Spontoon shop of
apothecary Wu Hsing Yun. Gifts are shared. Constabulary detectives
investigate a death on Kami Island - with the assistance of a priestess. 
(Chapter 2)

Ming Xiu has two visitors, bringing a surprising & pleasing request.
Another level of investigation on Kami Island.

The Gaze: The Glass Goose - Art & story by Warren Hutch
(Part 35 - Striking Out With Three Balls)
Vanya's Request. Lorretta & Dorothy talk of ethics. Vanya is crew.

(Part 36 - The Goose Lays Some Eggs)
Hunting a sea-serpent. Sighting the freighter. The Gaze sees prey.

"Luck of the Dragon: Jacks Over Kings" by Walter Reimer
(Chapter 196)
An inquiry about mercenaries. The meeting at Song Sodas continues -
Songmark Academy now understands Shin's situation. Shin shares with
the Red Dorm. Xiu learns where one can gather information.
(Chapter 197)
Ni Ping-wum negotiates with a syndicate sub-contractor. Shin
negotiates with her dorm-mates: There are some stretches in loyalties.
Their opponent, Shen Ming, may be a rotter.
via the Story page.

23 June 2014
New art by O.T. Grey, 'Visiting Aircraft' images by Daniel Salgues,
Zannah shows us a stylish pilot, and recent art is re-distributed
and may be found
via the Art page.

12 June 2014
12 June - Proclamation Day
The founding of the Rain Coast Republic - 1885
Home of the eventual ally of the Spontoon Islands - The Rain Island Naval Syndicate.
More history of the Rain Coast Republic:
"A Busy Half-Century"
by Walter D. Reimer

More stories of the Rain Coast

More information on the Rain Island Military Collectives

Memorial Day (United States of America)
A story from Krupmark Island by Walter D. Reimer

  14 May 2014
"When Jealousy Rears Her Lovely Head" (Prologue)
by Richard Messer
A romantic encounter with jealousy
on a small island in the Spontoon Lagoon.

"Luck of the Dragon: Jacks Over Kings" by Walter Reimer
(Chapter 194)
More gifts of great price. The Ming compound on Krupmark Island.
A bodyguard is requested.
(Chapter 195)
A generous bodyguard-price. A Ni family meeting.
An additional family meeting at Song Sodas.
The Gaze: The Glass Goose -
Art & story by Warren Hutch
(Part 33 - Better Living Through Science)
Collateral Healing.
The Gaze: The Glass Goose - (Part 34 - Self Control)
A Trial Run.
via the Story page.

New art by O. T. Grey, Thomas K. Dye,
Warren Hutch, & Richard Bartrop
is now on the News, Story, & Art pages.

There is now a webpage of
Tiki Sketches by Jerry Collins
via the Art page & the Tiki page.

2 May 2014
"Luck of the Dragon: Jacks Over Kings"
(Chapter 193) - by Walter Reimer,
(Shen Ming has his duties confirmed.
At Songmark Academy, a gift is delivered) (Mature art by Jim Groat)

via the Story page.

1 May 2014
New Jerry Collins art on the May Day page
the Informal Spontoonies page, " 'Round Bay & Harbor" page,
the Pulp Adventures page, and the Story page,
and other locations marked on the Art page.
Art by Warren Hutch on his Art Archive.

"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" -
(Part 31) (Raised Eyes),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" -
(Part 32) (Sea Urchins),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

via the Story page.

20 April 2014
 "Luck of the Dragon: Jacks Over Kings"
(Chapter 192) - by Walter Reimer,
(A new player comes to Krupmark Island -
beginning a new section) (art by Jim Groat)

"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" -
(Part 29) (Bad Dogs),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" -
(Part 30) (Unpleasant Duties),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

"Share and Share Alike" (Chapter 2) by Simon Barber,
(Pearl and Coral
show the transfer student
around their infamous English boarding school)(Art by Kjartan)

via the Story page.

Art by Jerry Collins added to the News & Story webpages.
(More art to come.)

May Day is coming!

May Day 37 (with sponsor: Union Maid Beer) - by Ken Fletcher
1 May is May Day on Rain Island & Spontoon Island! Visit the celebrations on
the May Day pages.

4 & 5 April 2014
"Share and Share Alike" (Chapter 1)
by Simon Barber
(Pearl and Coral must recover their grub-stake
before they can travel to Songmark Academy.)

"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" -
(Part 28) (Friends In Low Places),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

via the Story page.

30 March 2014
"Stranded Angel" (Part 17)
by Simon Barber,
(The messengers from Sweden arrive at Angelica's longhouse.)
"Stranded Angel" (Part 18)
by Reese Dorrycott,
(Angelica visits South Island to meet with Ada;
 her Spontoonie appearance turns heads on the way.)

via the Story page.

29 March 2014
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" -
(Part 26) (Stand Ready To Repel Boarders),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" -
(Part 27) (Many Happy Returns),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

via the Story page.
Art by S.A Gallacci added to the News page.
Art by Jerry Collins added to the Story page.

27 March 2014
"The Sea Devils" (Chapter 17) by Richard Messer
Mud and souvenirs. Explosions and magic. Not just
a souvenir. A hidden ally, with some speculations.
"The Sea Devils" (Epilogue) by Richard Messer
Sad homecomings. Repairing an apothecary and her shop.
More explanations; other souvenirs. A happier homecoming.)

via the Story page.

12 March 2014
"The Sea Devils" (Chapter 15) by Richard Messer

(A family reunion. Ghosts in Siam. Witnessing. Tools to break bindings.)
"The Sea Devils" (Chapter 16) by Richard Messer
(The sight of an ogre. A recharged battery. An iron door--
to death. The headquarters, and more witnesses.)
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - (Part 24) (Night School),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - (Part 25) (Red Flags),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

via the Story page.

27 February 2014
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - (Part 23) (Silent Running),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

via the Story page.

25 February 2014
 Art added to the News, Story, & Art webpages.
New sections have been added to the Art page: Selected Art
from 2011, 2013, & 2014. More art will be added to these pages

24 February 2014
Stranded Angel: Part 16-A & Stranded Angel: Part 16-B
these two sections by Simon Barber

(Reposting more of the story collaboration by Fredrik K T Andersson,
Reese Dorrycott, & Simon Barber. Angelica Silferlindh is stuck
on Spontoon Island by her obsessions & attitude.)
"Murder At the Chanticleer Club" - Part 3 & Epilogue

by E.O. Costello, M.M. Marmel & W.D. Reimer

(A conclusion to the investigation at the men's social club
 by Inspector Stagg, Rosie Baumgartner, & Sgt. Brush)
"The Sea Devils" (Chapter 14) by Richard Messer

(Crossing the big river. Losses and a landing. Through a crack
in the wall. Ogre sounds. Icons on the walls of a dark passage.
"Luck of the Dragon: Settling In" by Walter Reimer
(Newlyweds Ni Xiu & Ni Hao - sharing more)
via the Story page.

18 February 2014
A webpage of aircraft art from Daniel Salgues
has been added to the Visiting Aircraft section
of the Aircraft Bases webpage,
via the Art & Culture page.

Character portraits of 3 members of the Red Dorm
have been added to the Red Dorm: Art Archive
via the Art & Culture page.

"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - (Part 22) (A Clean Start),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

via the Story page.

Text 'bugs' have been fixed for Capt. Gary's Log, by Wm. Van Ness.
These are short anecdotes from the travels of a sailing sloop,
the REDWOLF, carrying cargo in the Spontoon Archipelago.
(You may need to 'refresh/reload the webpages.)

6 February 2014
"Luck of the Dragon: Hedging Bets" (Chapter 191) by Walter D. Reimer,

(Movie morning at the office. An intermediary for the instructor. Negotiation.)
(Ending the story section "Hedging Bets" - to be continued)
"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - (Part 21) (Cut Loose and Cast Adrift),
  written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,
"The Sea Devils" (Chapter 13) by Richard Messer

Up the river in darkness, with the Sea Devils's flotilla. Remembering
the map of the ruined palace. Coaching from the hidden ally.
Stranded Angel: Part 16 by Simon Barber
(A repost of the story by Fredrik K T Andersson, Reese Dorrycott,
& Simon Barber) - Angelica & Kama (& pet) visit 'Vikingtown'

  via the Story page.

Known text 'bugs' with some of the earlier and most recent story chapters
are fixed. This will make reading beginning chapters much more comfortable
for new viewers, and for re-reading. Some of the recent story chapters are
now also fixed. (You may need to 'refresh/reload' pages.)
Please let me know if you find more of the 'black-diamond' bugs
in the texts. Thank you for your patience.
(Ken Fletcher, archiving the Spontoon Island website.)

31 January 2014
Art Added to this News page, the Story page, the Art page,
& the Art Studies page. New art is by Jerry Collins & L. Frank.
Art by O.T. Grey has migrated to the Art Studies page.
Additional art is at Jerry Collins' "'Round the Bay & Harbour"

26 January 2014
"The Sea Devils"
(Chapter 12)
by Richard Messer

(A strike back. To the river. A gathering of the river pirates.
Assembling an expedition up-river. Ming Xue is introduced.)

"Luck of the Dragon: Hedging Bets" (Chapter 190) by Walter D. Reimer

Return to Spontoon Island from the honeymoon. Another household gift.)

"The Gaze: The Glass Goose" - (Part 20) (The Wagtail),
written & illustrated by Warren Hutch,

via the Story page.

18 January 2014
Art by Jerry Collins added to this  News page & to
Part 3 of "'Round Bay & Harbour" via the Art page.

16 January 2014
-Thanks given to the benevolent kami of Seamonkeys-

There is evidently a fix to the text problems I've been having with
inserted special characters. It is not very time-consuming per page,
but there are perhaps 150 of the oldest webpages of text chapters to be
corrected, and also a small number of text pages from the last couple of
years. With adjustments to my template pages, there may not be
future problems with exotic type in the text. This will take some time
to do, but my intent is to do some reformatting on the pages
every day. I will keep you posted on the progress.
(Ken Fletcher - archivist for Spontoon Island)
New art on this News page by 'Sonderjen' & art on the Story page
by 'The Jeweled Horn' - Previous art has been redistributed to the
Art page sections for Characters, Speed Week, Informal Spontoonies,
Tourists, Aircraft, and Hotels. There is a new 3rd section
started for the Jerry Collins art archive, 'Round Bay & Harbour'

7 December 2013
Illustration added to Edy Loddis page via 'Characters' on Art page.
Art by Sonderjen

31 October  2013

New email & address for Roy D. Pounds II on the Contacts page.

7 September  2013
Art added: A poster by Stuart McCarthy to the top of this News page,
a sketch of a Spontoonie by Jerry Collins on the Story page,

& a weather forecast by O. T. Grey to the Art page.

25 August 2013
Updates to the Speed Week pages:
A welcoming lei from Dennis Clark.
From Warren Hutch: Art of The Sorensteen Sisters!
Designer, mechanic, pilot: Racing team!

Speed Week Logo 2 - by Ken Fletcher
Speed Week begins! 24-31 August 2013 - Contributions of art & text are welcome!
(Contribution information at
this webpage)
24 August 2013

"In the Time of Oharu: November 1935 to November 1936",
a complete pdf download of the novel by Reese Dorrycott.
This link goes to an info page (on this website) via the Story page.

9 August 2013
"Radio studio, 1937" art by Kjartan, added to Radio page.
"Rain Island recruiting poster" art by 'The Tied Tigress' has migrated
to the Rain Island Military Syndicates page.

18 June 2013

4 sketches by Jerry Collins added to 'Round the Bay & Harbour
via the Art page.

14 June 2013
"Luck of the Dragon: Hedging Bets" (Chapter 189) by Walter D. Reimer,
A helpful San Francisco police officer. Sweeping up at the warehouse job.
A politician speaks. Helpful San Francisco police detectives.)
via the Story page.

12 June 2013
More history of the Rain Coast Republic:
"A Busy Half-Century"
by Walter D. Reimer

More information on the Rain Island Military Collectives

1 May 2013
>>  Re-Upload  <<
A partial Character Listing from some contributions to the Spontoon setting
has been added as a pdf file at the Spontoon Island website server.
Thanks go to Reese Dorrycott - Ken Fletcher will be editing expansions.
(You will need Adobe Reader software to read pdf files -
the software is a free download at the Adobe website.)
Via the Editorial page.

1 May is May Day on Rain Island & Spontoon Island! Visit the celebrations on
the May Day pages.

Hear two broadcasts from Spontoon Island radio, on the web!
Two of E.O.Costello's radio plays have been re-created as audio performances
and have been broadcast on the KFAI community radio station of Minnesota.
The performances were produced by Jerry Stearns and volunteers from the staff
 of KFAI, and were broadcast on Jerry's "Sound Affects" audio theater show.
Thanks to Jerry and the KFAI performers for so skillfully putting these shows on the air.

The first show was on at 9:30pm Central Standard Time, Sunday 17 February:
"Headline Chaser: If You Can't Stand the Heat."
The second show was broadcast at 9:30pm CST, Sunday 24 February:
"Rosie's Place: It's Shot From Guns."

The audio files for these 2 shows have now been posted at
the Great Northern Audio Theatre website, and are free downloads.

The Spontoon Island Radio webpage
Show scripts & transcripts and background information

18 March 2013
A new link to the "Spontoon Island Writers Guide", (now stored on the
Spontoon Island website server) is on the Editorial page.
Reese Dorrycott, the original compiler and editor,
has requested that Ken Fletcher continue
the editorial work. Information to add
is welcomed from the contributors.

Partial CHARACTER LISTINGS added 18 April 2013

"Reggie meets Marcel Macradon" (from the story "Gross Misconduct") - Art by Tegerio, characters by E.O. Costello
"Reggie meets Marcel Macradon" (at the Shepherd's Hotel bar, from the Story "Gross Misconduct"
by E.O. Costello) (Larger file here - 302 KBytes) - Art by Tegerio

Ad for Nootnops Red soft drink 'The Sweetest Fruits of the Islands' - by Warren Hutch
Nootnops Red softdrink ad in the Archipelago - by Warren Hutch
(Larger file here - 820 KBytes)

"She opened the doors and gave a sigh of relief. There stood the aeroplane,
solid and secure, and Ray felt that in a few moments she would be dealing with
something that she could understand again."

The Crash Girl - by Eileen Marsh ,1937 - page 12)
Quotes Basket
I regret to announce the death of John Speidel (1959-2012)
(a link to abbreviated memorial comments)

Coconuts (in another island of the Spontoon Archipelago)
"Yes, we have no coco-nuts, We have no coco-nuts today!..."

Island 21 of 400 Keys Atoll, Spontoon Archipelago
"Island 21, 400 Keys Atoll, Spontoon Archipelago" by Ken Fletcher

"A Warm Nobikini Welcome" (thumbnail) Part 14 of The Gaze: The Glass Goose - art & story by Warren Hutch
"A Warm Nobikini Welcome" from Part 14 of The Gaze: The Glass Goose
Art & story by Warren Hutch

14 March 2011
Ursa Major Awards nominations!
The Ursa Major Awards (The Annual Anthropomorphic Literature & Arts Award) are popularity awards, voted on by fans.
 Anyone can nominate entries; anyone can vote. Voting is done on-line with an email ballot, and will be going on through
 17 April, 2011. Once you are at the ballot page, there are links to more information about the nominees.
Winners will be announced later in the Summer at a regional fan convention.

This year, 3 contributions published in 2010 on this Spontoon Island website
have been nominated, and are on the ballot! Congratulations to the nominees!

Mam'zelle from "Felis Ex Machina" (thumbnail) - art by Roy D. Pounds II
Best Short Fiction category: “Felis Ex Machina” by E. O. Costello

(Appearing on the Story page here, and featuring Dr. James Meffit, investigating.)

"Cenotaph" (thumbnail) by SusanDeer
Best Published Illustration category: “Cenotaph” by SusanDeer

(As an illustration to Mitch Marmel's story, “Sins and Sensibilities”,
conceived by (and also appearing in stories by) E. O. Costello.
The illustration now has its own webpage, “Cenotaph”, on this website.)

"Big Red: Lady Sings The Blues" (thumbnail) - by Richard J. Bartrop
Best Published Illustration category: “Big Red: Lady Sings the Blues” by R. A. Bartrop

(Originally published in the Midwest Fur Fest 2010 program book. It was reposted in Mr. Bartrop's own art archives,
 and also reposted here in this website on a page of character art & backstory for “Big Red”.)

14 February 2011
I would like to recommend a free text story download via the Fur Affinity (FA) web archive.
(It is a pdf file, that may be found on a Fur Affinity contribution page
and opened via the free software, "Adobe Reader".)
Link to "Maude" is here:

The story is a romantic adventure set in the world of early 1930s air-racing in the USA.
Written by 'Vixyyfox', well-illustrated by 'Pan Hesekiel Shiroi' (also on FA)
 and also has music and sound files from members of a team of 9 creative
FA furryfans. (More credits & notes are at the linked webpage on FA.)

"Maude - a love story"
"'Maude' is the story of a vixen flier and her Gee Bee R1 aircraft.
It is also a love story like no other you will have read.

"In 1931, at the National Air Races in Cleveland, Ohio, a group of specially designed
racing aircraft took to the air to fly around a set course in an open display of tenacity and courage.
The pilots, all hailed as heroes of these 'modern' inventions, battled for space
in what was one of the most dangerous sports ever conceived - pylon racing.
Amidst the noise of seven powerful engines, belching smoke and flames
from their exhaust stacks, only one could be crowned the victor."

I believe many of you visiting the Spontoon Archipelago will find this story well worth
 the reading (and listening!). I find it much like reading a good 1930s movie. 8)
Ken Fletcher ("Heywulf" on Fur Affinity)

10 February 2011
I regret to announce the death of J.P.Morgan, artist & writer,

and occasional contributor to these Spontoon Island pages.
He was born in 1957, and died 30 December 2010
at his home in Keansburg, New Jersey.
He was the writer and artist of the ironic, satirical,
cynical, & political comic strip character,
"Fission Chicken" http://www.fissionchicken.com/
There will be a memorial webpage here on the website, via the Art page,
collecting some samples of his Spontoon Island contributions.
  Obituary page from the Asbury Park Press is here.
(Thanks to Mitch Marmel & the artist 'DAQ' for the links.)

A reminder of forums for talk about Spontoon Island:

(including websites and zines)
A Yahoo Group moderated by Mitch Marmel.

Announcing a forum: 'Spicy Spontoon'
Speculation on Spicy Spontoon Stories and 1930s fantasies.
An over-18 Yahoo Group moderated by Mitch Marmel

"Makin' a List" (Big Red) (thumbnail) - by R.J. Bartrop
"Makin' a List" (Big Red) - R.J. Bartrop (large file - 1.2 MBytes)
Big Red background page

Poster (Four Fools at Odeon Theater) (thumbnail) - by Jim Groat
"The Four Fools at the Odeon Theater"
(Clockwise from upper left: Bobby (common martin), Chuck (gray wolf),
Dexter (red fox), Alan (badger) - Characters by Walter Reimer)
"The Four Fools are now appearing at a radio transcript near you!"
Art by Jim Groat
- http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rabbi-tom/

Poster for Speed Week 1932 (thumbnail) - by Stuart McCarthy
Another international poster for Speed Week (1932) by Stuart McCarthy,
starting out on the Story page.

Speed Week 1931 poster (Romania) - by Stuart McCarthy
Speed Week 1931 Poster (Romania) (565 KBytes) by Stuart McCarthy

May Day poster 1937
May Day Celebrations on Spontoon Island!
A page of Stories, Art, and Articles via the History page.

May Day Greetings (thumbnail) - by Stuart McCarthy
May Day greetings - by Stuart McCarthy
(larger image here - 1.8 MBytes)

Wo Fang, husband of Wo Shin (Ni Shin) - Art by Jim Groat, character by Walt Reimer
Wo Fang, husband of Wo Shin (Ni Shin)
in the serial story, Luck of the Dragon, by Walt Reimer
Art by Jim Groat - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rabbi-tom/

"Aviatrix" by  Chris Goodwin
***  "Aviatrix" by Chris Goodwin  ***
(larger file here - 1 MBytes)


(Links added: 9 September 2010)
If you like the quotes you have seen from "Savoias Over Sapporo" by Archie Whitehouse,
read the original story at http://www.ageofaces.net/2008/03/savoias-out-of-sapporo/
courtesy of "Age of Aces": http://www.ageofaces.net/ - they sell books compiled from
pulp stories on Amazon.com, but also allow free access & downloads
of public domain pdf files of pulp magazine air adventures!
Many other pulp aviation stories (in pdf format) are available for reference and research.

  Those quotes from the stories were actually from my own hardcover copy of
"Wings Over the World", a collection of pulp magazine aviation stories,
edited by Leo Marguiles & published in 1943. I've discovered
this book is also listed by Google Books. There are previews of some of the contents,
which may be examined before purchase, here: "Wings Over the World".

Aviation history archive (Flight International magazine archive) -
This is an excellent reference archive from a weekly trade magazine,
Flight International. It was (and is) published in the United Kingdom,
reporting on world aviation, with a clear, entertaining, and appropriate bias
towards the interests of the British Commonwealth.

Artists & writers & website owners please look at these generous terms for
the use of material in these on-line magazine archives from 1909 to 2005:

(This review continued on the Spontoon Island Links page)

Your compiling archivist has been kindly directed (by 'Barnacle Will') to the blog:
The Flying Cloud, R-505
"Airships, adventure, gallant gentlemen, and sultry island maidens!"
an alternate-Earth serial by Paul Gazis, that is currently up to 46 chapters.
I highly recommend it. I believe that you may also find
 the adventure and ironic humor to be very sympathetic
to Spontoonie sensibilities. (Added to the Links page)

30 September 2009
The Spontoon Island Althing regrets to announce the death of
Russell "Rusty" Haller. He did commissioned art for some of the story
contributors, and generously shared some of his adventure art with this website.
He had begun to build stories on his own island in the Spontoon Archepelago.
He will be missed.
There is a tribute page of some of Rusty's Spontoonie art.

More information is here.

Rain Coast Republic - Proclamation Day is 12 June!

Announcing a forum for talk about Spontoon Island:
(including websites and zines)

A Yahoo Group moderated by Mitch Marmel.

Announcing a forum: 'Spicy Spontoon'
Speculation on Spicy Spontoon Stories and 1930s fantasies.
An over-18 Yahoo Group moderated by Mitch Marmel

Thanks go to Moses Lambert for his email and suggestions,
which include adding links to stories directly from this list of new uploads..
That reminds me to thank Jonathan Nicholls for his emailed
comments and suggestions, which were also much appreciated.

This website (among several others) has been given the
Golden Mimeograph Award
Golden Mimeograph Award
by the folks at http://www.naorhy.com

"Spontoon Postcards" wanted!
Postcard illos shared from visitors and tourists
to the Spontoon Archipelago are welcome! If you send them,
they may be posted to the "Visitors & Tourists" page.
Illos (.gif) under 400k and fitting the 1920 to 1950
time period are the most welcome.
Do show your own characters, shareware characters,
or public domain characters having some PG-13 fun.

Corporate trademark characters are unlikely to be seen here.

They have their own trademark protected vacation islands to visit,
and likely only send copyrighted vacation postcards to
their corporate legal staff.

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kenfletch'at)comcast.net (substitute @ for 'at))
This is in addition to the Yahoo email address: kenandgiovanna'at)yahoo.com

January-December 2013
(Twenty-six baskets of updates in 2013)

January-December 2012
(Thirty baskets of updates in 2012)

January-December 2011
(Thirty-three baskets of updates in 2011)

January-December 2010
(Fifty-one baskets of updates in 2010)

January-December 2009
(Fourty-three baskets of updates in 2009)

January-December 2008
(Fifty-one baskets of updates in 2008)

January-December 2007
(Fifty-seven baskets of updates in 2007)

January-December 2006
(Seventy-two baskets of updates in 2006)

January-December 2005
(Sixty-eight baskets of updates in 2005)

January-December 2004
(Fifty-one updates in 2004)

March-December 2003
(Thirty-two updates to finish 2003)

8 March 2003
Many small updates since December 2002

(Fourteen uploads)

20 August 2001
Webpage launch

9 August 2001
Webpage is rolled down the ramp to the water

Zine Updates
29 February 2008: Previous Hardcopy zines available through Spontoon Island #11
additional information here