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Spontoon Island
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Edy Loddis off-duty and happy! (RINS navy syndic & commander of Spontoon Lagoon seaplane boats - (Art by Jon Jennings 'Sonderjen')
**  Edy, off-duty and happy!  **
(Larger file here - 2.1 MBytes)
Art by Sonderjen (Jon Jennings) -
Link to more about Edy Loddis of the Rain Island Naval Syndicate.

'Spontoon Tilli-Li' late-night DJ at Radio LONO, Spontoon Islands - by Ken Fletcher
'Spontoon Tilli-li' - Late night DJ for Radio LONO
Broadcasting from the Spontoon Island Atoll.
(A memorial to contributor Stu Shiffman.)

On the Water Taxi - The Gaze: The Glass Goose (Part 1) by Warren Hutch
On the Water Taxi - by Warren Hutch - (larger file here - 830 KBytes) -

(From the serial pulp story: "The Gaze: The Glass Goose")
Welcome to Spontoon Island!
This internet co-op setting, archive, and fiction zine
is a collaborative collection of souvenirs from
the Spontoon Island Archipelago, around the years 1920 to 1945.

Tanji-li with basket by Laurie Gerholz
©2002 Laurie Gerholz

The location is in the North Pacific Ocean,
in a slightly stranger and more wild world.
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7 September 2007
Announcing a forum for talk about Spontoon Island:
A Yahoo Group moderated by Mitch Marmel.

Sea-rescue by patrol boat. Art by Ken Fletcher

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