Spontoon Island
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Update 24 October 2007
  Artists doing Commissions

Spontoon contributing artists available for commissions:

Some of the Spontoon Island contributing artists have recently been looking to do art commissions. Some of these links are to their pages on the "Fur Affinity" archive, where their pages include links to commission information.

Louis Frank (wom-bat) is actively looking for art commissions. His Fur Affinity page has a 'commissions' button to a page with specifics, tho you may also notice a commission sample 'poster' on his FA home page:
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ wom-bat/

Kjartan 'Karno' Arnorsson has recently posted requests for commissions:
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ karno/

Rusty Haller cheerfully takes commissions, but may have a line of them to do:
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ aqb52/

Richard Bartrop has samples of his anthro work at  the "Artspots" archive
and also at his webpage 

Stuart McCarthy is looking for commissions

Richard Hernandez is doing commissions  (new)

These artists have email contact addresses on their sample websites and also on the "Contact" page on this website.

Besides looking for general art & cartooning commissions, if you would like some Spontoon Island art (or other pictures set in historical settings) these Spontoon contributing artists are aware of the Spontoon Archipelago setting. They do know where to look for vehicle & clothing references. They also know what Spontoon-related questions to ask to fill out your requested images!

Ken Fletcher