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*  Update 28 January 2015  *

History Basket
Articles & essays by many contributors

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**  *  Audio Histories: Music, Recording, and Radio  *  **
(Update 10 February 2015)

The Rain Island Military Syndicates
Update 3 March 2011

The Gunboat Wars
& the 'Pirate Raids' of 1912

Reports, Commentary & Stories by various Authors,
including raid tales by Walt Reimer & a trial transcript from Eric Costello
Upload 11 March 2009
"The Battle of Blefuscu Atoll"

A Busy Half-Century
A history of the Rain Coast told in story
Part One: Proclamation: Upload 8 June 2008
Part Two: Recognition: Upload 20 June 2008
Part Three: Constitution: Upload 27 June 2008
Part Four: War (and Peace): Upload 7 July 2008
Part Five: Gunboats: Upload 22 July 2008
Part Six: Contracts: Upload 24 August 2008
Part Seven: Changes: Upload 11 October 2008

The alternate world of the Spontoon Island Archipelago
(several versions by several amateur geographers)
beginning with a couple of essays by Ken Pick
on Geopolitics and Naval Affairs

Articles from The International Hydrographic Magazine
collected by Walter Reimer
"Islands of the Nimitz Sea: History and Mystery"
"Vanirge, Where One Lands In Hot Water"

A timeline history of the settlement
 of the Spontoon Island Archipelago

Spontoon Island 'Custom': Constructed myth and history

Speed Week!
(Airplane racing and other contests)
Spontoon Island Racing Association (SIRA)

May Day celebrations on Spontoon Island
essay by Ken Fletcher, and an archive of stories and art

Why Seaplanes?
Comments on 1930s air transport
by Ken Fletcher

An anthropomorphological report by
Tim Susman & Derrick Dasenbrock:
Keyho-Ra-Ra (the legend of the 'Fire Crystal')

(Seaplanes, airplanes and home island history)

The DAILY 'ELELE newspaper
a clipping scrapbook of events on the Spontoons
(with various contributors of art & articles)

a tabloid newspaper published on Casino Island
An update with a facsimile tabloid page - 28 January 2008
Update with "Speed Week" Supplement cover - 16 July 2008

Policing Spontoon Island:
The Constabulary Service

Movies on Spontoon Island  *
(Opens to a separate expanded webpage)

1930 #3: Wednesday meets the Lizards - art & text by Sublimate
**  1930 #3 (Wednesday meets the Lizards) by Sublimate  **
mature art: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sublimate/
Short background essay in Movie History

A Rain Island movie serial:
The Adventures of Rocket Rat

Screenplay by Walter D. Reimer
Chapter 1:  “A CRY FOR HELP”
Uploaded 6 June 2009
Chapter 2:  “MOON OF MYSTERY”

Uploaded 22 July 2009
Chapter 5:  “CAVERN OF DOOM”

Uploaded 30 April 2010
(concluding this serial's scripts)

"Wednesday & Kit" - 1930s toons
Upload 3 December 2008
Update 14 June 2011: more art & text
by "Sublimate"

"Cels from Animation"
Upload 1 February 2008
Update 18 April 2013
"Baybee, the Blue Fox"
(mature) art added by O. T. Grey
& essay by 'A. Kinoyev'

Universal Spontoon Picture Corporation
Spontoonie Golden Age Cinema
a short history by Antonia T. Tiger

Hula from Mars! movie poster by Antonia T. Tiger
"Hula from Mars!" movie poster by Antonia T. Tiger
from a late 30s movie serial produced on Spontoon Island
(read the article: Universal Spontoon Picture Corporation)

"The Trojan Horse"
A short anti-Rain Island film, produced in the USA in 1935.
Screenplay transcribed by Walter D. Reimer
Uploaded 29 May 2009

More Spontoon Island History:

Religious Missionaries in the Spontoon Archipelago
The Tale of Bertrille's Mission
(mature) with additional art & background by Dennis Clarke
(Updated and expanded 18 April 2013)

The Great Pandemic
An alternative History allowing for a (reduced) Human population

The Brotherhood of the Boneless

Pumpkin Sacrifices!
(Update 31 October 2012)