Spontoon Island
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*  Update 4 July 2014  *
**  Update 12 January 2015 (Art to Cranium Island)  **

"I have data upon data upon data on new lands that are not far away."
(Charles Fort -- often-referenced captain of 1930s clippers)

Maps & Aerial Photos

Map of Malo-Moko Island, Spontoon Island Archipelago - survey by R. Messer, cartography by K. Fletcher
A map of Malo-Moko Island, in the Spontoon Archipelago
compiled & surveyed by R. Messer - cartography by K. Fletcher
Larger files here (772 KBytes) and here (893 KBytes)

Pessimist's Map of Spontoon Island - by Dennis Clark
"Pessimist's Map of Spontoon Island" (Larger file here - 448 Kb)  *
Cartography, art, & notations by Dennis Clark

The Pacific Ocean rim of the Alternate World
(geopolitical cartography by Taral Wayne)
("Vanirge, Where One Lands In Hot Water"
--an article from the collection of Walter Reimer)

Northern Pacific region
(geopolitical cartography by Taral Wayne)

A map of the Nimitz Sea Islands (Spontoon Archipelago Region)
Views of some Nimitz Sea Islands (Including 400 Keys Atoll)
(cartography by Ken Fletcher)
("Islands of the Nimitz Sea: History and Mystery"
-- an article from the collection of Walter Reimer)

Krupmark Island
(An association of criminals)

Geography, maps, views & notes
(opens to a separate webpage)
Update 18 November 2010

**  Cranium Island  **
(The labs of the mad scientists)
Geography, maps, views & notes
(opens to a separate webpage)

Vostokiye Zemlya
Vostok Island
(Refuge of White Russia)

Geography, maps, views & notes
(opens to a separate webpage)
Update 14 April 2012

Betty discovers the wonders of Cranium Island
Betty the smuggler discovers the wonders of Cranium Island
by Simon Barber

Spontoon Archipelago
The Near Archipelago
(including the Kanim Islands Atolls)

Including Fishtrap Atoll, Pilgrim Atoll, Albert Islands,
Orpington Islands, Lufthart Atoll, and diverse other islands & reefs.
(Opens to 515 Kb)
(Cartography by Ken Fletcher & contributors)
(Released to Public Domain)

Spontoon Island
Casino Island, inside the Spontoon Atoll's Lagoon is at
160° W Longitude & 35° N Latitude
That is almost directly north of  Kauai Island or Niihau Island in Hawaiian Islands.

The Latitude is near that of  Yokohama, Japan, or just south of Monterey, California.
Time Zone
The Spontoon Archipelago is -11 hours of GMT, Greenwich Meridian Time (Zulu Time).
Spontoon Archipelago is in the "X" zone of the international naval Standard Time Zones.

Spontoon Island Cruise Map (bird's eye view)
(cartography by Taral Wayne)

Spontoon Island geography (bird's eye view)
(cartography by Ken Fletcher)
(Released to Public Domain)

Spontoon Island Aerial Photos
(cartography by Simon Barber)
High Altitude View of Spontoon Atoll to NNE
(circa1946: Sagner-Brandt 1 aircraft in foreground)
(Opens to a Large 2 MBytes!)

View looking NorthEast across the Central Lagoon
(This file is compressed to 38K, but opens to a Large 2.4 MBytes!)

View over Main Island towards SE
(Opens to a Large 2.2 MBytes!)

View of the main face Mt. Kiribatori: SW area of Main Island.
(This file is compressed to 57 K,  but opens to a Large 2.1 MBytes!)

An Aerial Photomap of South Island circa 1935
View to East from 25,000 ft (8,000 m) compiled from Songmark student photos
Cartography by Simon Barber (Opens to a Large 3.7 MBytes!)

Color map "Float Town" Eastern Island, Spontoon Atoll (thumbnail) by Taral Wayne
Part of "Float Town", Eastern Island
Map by Taral Wayne
(Larger file here - 389 Kb)
"Float Town" area of Eastern Island
A Few Footnotes on Eastern Island of Spontoon
& Certain Other Subjects of Local Interest
by Taral Wayne
Uploaded 7 December 2009
http://taralwayne.deviantart.com/ & http://www.furaffinity.net/user/saara/

Update 1 June 2011
"Notes on Mehitabel's..." (bar & grill)

answers to questions from a story contributor

Casino Island geodetic survey
(cartography by Ken Fletcher)
(Released to Public Domain)

Rain Island Naval Syndicate
Base on Moon Island
(bird's eye view--cartography by Ken Fletcher)
(Released to Public Domain)

Songmark Aeronautical Boarding School
for Young Ladies (Songmark Academy)
campus map

Mapping References
for artists, cartographers & writers
(opens to a new web page)

"Where's the map?" by Tom Foster

Rumored map changes by Ken Fletcher

"All the maps are correct, even if they do not match."
Ken Fletcher--15 February 2006

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