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"Mail Woman's Run - Casino Island - Spontoon Atoll" - by O.T. Grey
"Mailwoman's Run - Casino Island - Spontoon Atoll" - by O.T. Grey
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Contributor's list update 9 May 2014
New Simon Barber email address

Contributor's list update 31 October 2013
New Roy D. Pounds II email & mailing address

Contributor's list update 18 April 2013
New Jerry Collins mailing address

Contributor's list update 20 March 2013
Change of Dennis Clark email address

Contributor's list updates 14 June 2011
some memorial email addresses removed

Contributor's list update 18 January 2011
Lila Firefly email added

Update 26 January 2007
New website email contact:


Contributor's list updates 14 August 2006
Changes in the format for contributor's
email addresses -- 'at) is a substitute for @

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14 November 2004
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Kjartan Arnorsson:
Simon Leo Barber: email: brithound'at)gmail.com  (new)
Donna Barr: e-mail: barr'at)stinz.com
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Richard Bartrop: #704, 239 12th Ave, SW
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  archive: http://www.yerf.com/bartrich
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Joyceanna Brock:

Robert & Margaret Carspecken: R&M Creative Endeavors, PO Box 273
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andy chia: email: chiaskim'at)yahoo.com
Chrysolithos:  http://www.chrysolithos.com/
Dennis Clark: 205 Craig Drive, Santa Paula CA 93060
  email: sgtklark'at)comcast.net  (new)
Jerry Collins:
3361 Mary Drive, Macon GEORGIA 31204-3405  (new)
EO Costello: email: EOCostello'at)aol.com
David Charles Cummer: e-mail: truecofffe.cummer'at)gmail.com
Derrick Dasenbrock
David R. Dorrycott: http://www.naorhy.com
  e-mail: reesedorrycott@yahoo.com
David Reese Dorrycott: story archive: http://www.naorhy.com
Bernard Doove:
PO Box 825, Bayswater VIC 3153 AUSTRALIA
  email: goldfur'at)bigpond.net.au
Timothy Fay: http://rootoon.com
Ken Fletcher: PO Box 80083, Minneapolis MN 55408
Lila Firefly:
Brad W. Foster: PO Box 165246, Irving TX 75016
  email: jabberwocky2000'at)hotmail.com
Tom Foster:
Louis Frank: wom-bat'at)visi.com
Giovanna Fregni:
Steve Gallacci: PO Box 19419, Seattle WA 98109 
  email: bevnsag'at)comcast.net
Terry Garey
Denise M. Garner: http://www.towerwindow.com
Laurie Gerholz: milo'at)winternet.com
Bruce Grant
O.T.Grey (new)
Rusty Haller: (deceased)

Jeff Jacklin: desertdude915'at)hotmail.com
Mike Kazaleh:
: drphlog'at)hotmail.com
Brian Kinnison:
Rich Larson: Fastner & Larson Studios,  Minneapolis MN
   e-mail: mail'at)fastnerandlarson.com
  webpage: http://www.fastnerandlarson.com
Monika Livingstone: PO Box 910, Brookdale CA 95007
  email: siberkat'at)monikalivingstone.com
  webpage: http://www.monikalivingstone.com
M. Mitchel Marmel: PO Box 9052, Fayetteville AR 72704
  e-mail: marmelmm'at)comcast.net
Steven Martin: email: essgraphics_main'at)fastpointcom.com
Stuart McCarthy: 82 Nimrod Street, Walton,
Liverpool, Merseyside, L4 4DX, England.      e-mail: mccarthystuart'at)hotmail.com
Richard B. (Rick) Messer: 1815 E 300 Rd, Lecompton KS 66050-4029
  email: cullyferg'at)sbcglobal.net
J.P. Morgan: (deceased)
Dean Lee Norton: http://deanleenorton.com
Pelzig:  e-mail: pelzig'at)gmail.com
website: http://www.pelzigplatz.com/art/pelzig
Ken Pick:
132 Seneca Circle, Anaheim CA 92805
Roy D. Pounds II: 1555 Vista Lane, Pasadena CA 91103-1941  (new)
  e-mail: steamfoxrp2'at)gmail.com  (new)
Walter D. Reimer:
Salmacis Reptile: email: osozeth'at)fibertel.com.ar
Steven F. Scharff: PO Box 90302, Henderson NV 89009-0302
  email: gopher_baroque'at)hotmail.com
  website: http://www.angelfire.com/nv/scharff
Marc Schirmeister: 1555 Vista Lane, Pasadena CA 91103-1941
Jay Shell: email: jayshell'at)earthlink.net
  website: http://home.earthlink.net/~jayshell/
Stu Shiffman: 8616 Linden Avenue North, Seattle WA 98103
  e-mail: roscoe'at)drizzle.com 
Ken Singshow: c/o Sato, 1542-4 Yabe-cho, Totsuka-ku,
  Yokohama 244-0002 JAPAN
  e-mail: skunk'at)fang.or.jp
John Tatman:
Mauricio Tavares:  email: raub'at)kudria.com
Scott Thomas:

Julie Thompson (Denali) email: canuckds'at)earthlink.net
John Urie: email: jturie'at)earthlink.net      message (AIM): MercuryMarten
Wm. Van Ness: 1465 McGraw-Marathon Rd, Marathon NY 13803
  email: wmvanness'at)aol.com
Tony von Krag: 1801 Lasalle Ave Apt 201, Minneapolis MN 55403
  email: vonkrag'at)mac.com
Taral Wayne: 245 Dunn Ave #2111, Toronto, ONTARIO,

The Spontoon Island Althing
and Althing Euro Land Leasing Committee
may be contacted on Meeting Island,
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