Spontoon Island
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Update 24 April 2006
18 April 2006

Ship Image References
Photo and engraving references from our world for artists & writers.
These are only samples. Additional references should be checked.

Warning: Graphics files may be large.

# Naval Warships circa 1895 #

a public domain photo reference

via Ken Fletcher

Also see:
**  Online Library of Selected Images   **

Department of the Navy, Naval Historical Center, Photographic Section
This Photographic Section also includes some images of civilian ships.

Examples of edited public domain photographs from the Naval Historical Center,
adapted to illustrate ships from the Spontoon Island setting:

US cruiser Brooklyn as RINS Raven
USS Brooklyn armored cruiser in the summer of 1898 (becomes the RINS cruiser Raven in 1924)

USS Caldwell circa WW1

USS Caldwell in 'dazzle' camoflage 1918