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"Pacific Islands Geographical Handbooks"

Permission has been given 29 March 2006 by the Intellectual Property Group, Directorate of Intellectual Property Rights, Defense Procurement Agency, Ministry of Defense, United Kingdom
to reprint selected material from the:

Geographical Handbook Series --
Naval Intelligence Division (Royal Navy, United Kingdom):

Volume 1: GENERAL SURVEY [B.R. 519] (August 1945)
Volume 2: EASTERN PACIFIC [B.R. 519A] (November 1943)
Volume 3: WESTERN PACIFIC (Tonga to Solomon Is:) [B.R. 519B] (December 1944)
Volume 4: WESTERN PACIFIC (New Guinea and Islands Northward) [B.R. 519C] (Aug 45)

To credit these Naval Intelligence Division publications, this website will refer to:
"Pacific Islands Geographical Handbooks"

Acknowledgements compiled from the Prefaces by E.G.N. Rushbrooke, Director of Naval Intelligence:

(To paraphrase:) "These volumes were prepared for the Naval Intelligence Division at the Cambridge sub-centre (Director: Mr J.M. Wordie, General Editor, Dr. H.C. Darby). They were mainly written by:  Mr. A.E.P. Collins,  Dr J.W.Davidson, Dr Margaret Davies, Mr Adrian Digby,  Dr Raymond Firth, Dr L. Hawkes, Dr P.W. Richards & Mr T.G. Tutin, with contributions from Mr A.E.P. Collins, Mr Adrian Digby, Dr J.P. Harding, Dr Phyllis Kaberry, Prof A.A. Miller, Dr P.W. Richards and Dr Charles Wilcocks. The maps and diagrams were drawn mainly by Mr A.O. Cole, Miss S.H. Collins, Miss K.S.A. Froggatt, Miss M. Garside, Miss F. Hands, Miss M. Hart, Miss Aletta Lewis, Mrs. Marion Plant, Mrs. Gwen Raverat, & Miss J.D.I. Tyson. Volumes edited by Dr. Raymond Firth, Dr. J.W. Davidson and Dr Margaret Davies."

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