Spontoon Island
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Older Editorials

What is all this, anyway?
Ken Fletcher--6 December 2001

This webpage is an archive of contributions for a zine that features
1930s sea island adventures. All the contributors are adults,
probably doing this for fun. The zine is intended to be
not-for-profit, and an experiment in a co-operative shared
setting (for those contributors who are interested).

The setting is intended to be in the public domain, with
contributors keeping control of the rights of their own material.
Some have chosen to allow other contributors to use their ideas
within the zine and on these webpages.

I wish to give affectionate acknowledgement to
the entertainment and publishing corporations, writers, artists,
& performers who have done sea-island-style for us all.
They have helped us all enhance and populate our sea-island dreaming.

No corporate trademarked characters,
props or settings are intended to be published here or in the zine..
(We have some legal slack for affectionate parody and satire of archetypes!)
This is a reminder that we can create these settings and archtypes, ourselves.
Seaplanes, sea islands, hula dancers and 30s adventure exist
within our dreams, before some of these archtypes became trademarks
in a corporate world.

Well, *that* sure looked like an Editorial!
Ken Fletcher--7 December 2001

Some of the material is not going to fit in a strict "1930s sea island adventure" category.
I'll cheerfully select & publish material that approximately fits this fantasy category, including
Grim Pulp Adventure to Tiki Slapstick. I like the transition of technology from wood & wire,
over to streamlined metal, so 1930s technology is appealing. I am happy with showing
stuff from the early 1900s through the late 40s. What I want is fun "Retro", that shows
you've done your historical research, and research in pulp fantasy cliches is fine.
If a contributor isn't into seaplane technology, then they can do something
with cliche hula culture. Draw a dancer! Visit the islands!

I do cartooning, so much of the zine has been illos and cartoons.
I've been pleasantly surprised at the response from writers who like the general themes.

Not all the material I'll publish will be in the "Spontoon Island Archipelago" setting, either.
The setting is there for whoever wants to play in it. Other material is just as much fun to publish.
Cartooned Russian seaplanes from 1925 need to be published, too, and unless there's other better sites,
I might very well publish them! (Printing costs and bandwidth costs allowing!)

Not all the material published may be "furry" or "funny animal", either.
The zine started out a funny animal zine because that is how I cartoon for recreation.
Don't be surprised if some humans show up, if only in reference illos!