Spontoon Island
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Page first posted 8 June 2006
*  Update 29 February 2016  *
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Under the sea: views and creatures

Salvage Ship "Agamemnon" (with diving bell) (small format) - by Jerry Collins
**  Salvage ship "Agamemnon" (with diving bell) - by Jerry Collins  **
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"A Fine Diving Suit, Professor..." (cartoon by Jerry Collins)
"A Fine Diving Suit, Professor..." - cartoon by Jerry Collins  *
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Diver by Mauricio Tavares
Upload 6 May 2009

"Got Chum?" cartoon: Ken Fletcher
Cartoon: Ken Fletcher

Seventh Wave part one: cartoon by Roy D Pounds II
Seventh Wave: part one

Seventh Wave: part two

Seahorse couple
by Roy D. Pounds II

Diver salvaging seaplane: Art by Roy D. Pounds II
Goin' deep
by Roy D. Pounds II