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Spontoon Art
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A Hawaiian vacation: Spring 1934
Via Tom Foster
A couple in casual vacation clothes beside a tropical tree.
Woman in swimsuit on city beach.
The mystery drink and the shoulder strap.
Woman passenger assisted in boarding Sikorsky S-38 amphibian flying boat.
(The main hatch to the 7-passenger compartment is at the top & rear of the cabin.
It appears the landing wheels are down, and this boarding for a flight is at an airport.
This airline flew between the Hawaiian Islands, but also flew sightseeing tours.)

A Western Union telegram: May 1934
Via Tom Foster
Western Union telegraph messages and envelopes actually were made
of this thin, yellowish-tan paper. The paper may be slightly darkened with age.
Front of the telegram envelope.
(This was mailed to the recipient's address, but other telegrams were often delivered
by uniformed couriers. The couriers sometimes used bicycles.)
Back of the telegram envelope.
Text of the telegram.
(The high-speed telegraph machines printed out text onto a paper tape, which was pasted
onto the telegraph form. The telegram may have been transmitted by radio or undersea cable.
RCA (Radio Corporation of America) used both methods for international messages.
The "Santa Elena" may be a ship of the Grace Steamship Lines.
The pencil notes are likely where the people who got the telegram
are trying to figure out the route of the ship carrying their friends,
and which pier it will dock at in New York City.
Higher resolution view of header of the telegram form (large file).

Very much thanks to Mr. Tom Foster for sharing these artifacts with us.
New Address: April 2005
Tom Foster
Antique Mall
2158 Central Ave
Memphis TN 38104

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