Spontoon Island
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18 April 2006

Canoe & Boat Image References

Photo and engraving references from our world for artists & writers.
These are only samples. Additional references should be checked.

  Warning: Graphics files may be large.

Photos are marked with their sources:
The British MOD has claimed crown copyright for the images from the
Pacific Island Geographical Handbooks: credits here - printed with permission of MOD.
The Public Domain sources: White Shadows In the South Seas (1919)
& Our Islands and Their People (1899) are labeled. Thanks to Reese Dorrycott for
sharing & scanning images from the latter book.


Thamaku Fiji canoe

*  Diagram of  the usual way of 'tacking' a Pacific outrigger canoe  *

*   Moving a small outrigger canoe into a lagoon   *
Spearing fish in a lagoon from a small outrigger canoe  *
**  'Doubled canoes' on a stream in the Marquese Islands  **
(2 ordinary dugout canoes tied together with poles.
These improvised catamarans are moving heavy loads in calm water)
***  Small outrigger canoe from Hawai'i  ***
(perched on beach to show underwater profile)

****  "Water Taxis"  ****

Harbor scenes circa 1899, from the region of Manila city in the Philippines:

****  Passengers stand  ****

****  Passengers sit (perhaps also a cargo boat)  ****