Spontoon Island
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*  Update 28 July 2006  *

Mapping References
Map samples & references from our world
as an aid to Spontoon Island artists & cartographers
for both historical information and mapping styles

1930s real-world reference maps from the
"Pacific Islands Geographical Handbooks"
 (published by the Royal Navy of the United Kingdom)

A reference used on board warships, at naval bases, & in embassies.
Based on information primarily from the 1930s and early 40s.
Posted with permission of the Ministry of Defense
Credits are located here

*  A German view (in 1859) of European Control in the Pacific  *
(Paraphrased from the caption: The map is a general impression of the time --
not all the political interest & control shown were formal colonies.
The British interest in the Bonin Islands was never followed up.
The 'American Polynesia' indicated which islands American companies
were mining for phosphates (guano). No formal American sovereignty was claimed.
The map does show which island groups were independent of outside control.)

Sailing Ship Routes in the Pacific  *
(As evolved from regular trading journeys -- routes that take advantage of
prevailing winds in the Pacific Ocean. These indirect-looking routes are
the fastest and most efficient sailing. The Spontoon Archipelago is
located approximately in the area indicated by the green circle.)

"Shipping Routes in the Pacific, 1938-39"
(This file opens to a large 690 Kb!)

"Density of  traffic on Pacific shipping routes 1938"
(Opens to 386 Kb)

"Population density: Pacific island groups 1939"

"Pacific Cable & Radio communications 1939"

  "A portion of the Bulolo goldfields, New Guinea"
(Opens to 363 Kb)

Key to local area maps
(as used in Pacific Islands Geographical Handbooks)
Map key from the Pacific Islands Geographical Handbooks

(Additional maps will be scanned and posted to this webpage,
but in addition, here is a link to some of these maps at
the Library of the University of Texas.)