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* Upload 30 April 2017 *
**  Upload 20 November 2017  **

Editorial Basket

**  A background discussion of Spontoonie clothing  **
(beachwear, informal work clothing, maternal)

(compiled from social media discussions
with Antonia T. Tiger, Ken Fletcher and others)

(Upload 20 November 2017)
(See Regional Clothing page)

"Health Services of the Spontoon Island Atoll"  *
compiled by Ken Fletcher, E. O. Costello & other contributors
(Extracted from a U.S. Navy publication from 1936.)
(Upload 30 April 2017)

"The Spontoon Island Writers Guide"
A background reference collection for the Spontoon Island setting,
edited by Reese Dorrycott

(This is a link to a large (140-pages) pdf file on this web-server. Size is 1.14 MBytes)

This is a work-in-progress, originally compiled and edited by Reese Dorrycott.
It collects, summarizes, & adds published background information
on the Spontoon Island Archipelago alternate-history setting.
This may be useful for contributors, and entertaining for visitors to this website.
(This Writers Guide collects information from the informal background consensus
that the Spontoon Island contributors share, based on the currently archived material.)

By request of Reese Dorrycott,
Writing, compiling & editing of the Writers Guide is being transferred to
Ken Fletcher, who will look forward on the continuing assistance from the
Spontoon Island contributors.

Some of the material is republished from this website, some parts are new essays on
the Spontoonie cultures, histories, and background stories.
Some of the material is listings of characters, social institutions, locations, & objects --
with credits to their creators. Information will be added and revised,
so additional information is welcome.
Contact Ken Fletcher - kenfletch{a]comcast.net
The Writers Guide file may be revised at any time.
(posted 18 March 2013)

(Uploaded 18 April 2013)
(Upload link corrected 1 May 2013)

Character Lists: The Spontoon Island Writers Guide
A background reference to some characters and some locations.
Edited by Reese Dorrycott

(This is a link to a large (35-pages) pdf file on this web-server. Size is 345 Kbytes)

At this time the lists contain characters (as of 25 October 2009) from
'Characters released to Public Domain', Simon L. Barber,
Fredrik K. T. Andersson, David R. Dorrycott, & Taral Wayne.
(Including some lists of settings for stories.)
This is also a work-in-progress.

Mr. Dorrycott has requested that Ken Fletcher continue compiling
& editing more character & setting listings from contributors.
Contact Ken Fletcher - kenfletch{A]comcast.net

For redundancy:
Following is a link to an (Adobe) pdf file of "The Spontoon Island Writers Guide" located
at Reese and Anna Dorrycott's website -- www.naorhy.com
and linked with Reese's permission. Linked 9 February 2010.

 To read a pdf file (as used for the "Spontoon Writers Guide")
the software "Adobe Reader" may be downloaded for FREE, from the Adobe website.

A reminder:
The basic "Spontoon Island" world & setting is in the Public Domain.

This has been the legal situation since 1997.

Some of the 'History' and 'Maps' are labeled as being in the Public Domain.

Not all the characters and setting details are in the Public Domain.
Contributors retain their copyrights & character control,
unless they choose to share their creations,
or designate publicly that a specific creation is in the Public Domain.
As a service to contributors, there will be an attempt to list
specific characters & specific settings by creator.
You may contact contributors through the "contact" page.
All the maps are correct, even if they do not match.
Ken Fletcher--15 February 2006

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