Spontoon Island
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**  Update 7 May 2006  **
*  Update 1 May 2006  *
24 April 2006

Pacific island scenery
A reference of typical island landforms & views for artists and writers
in photos and drawings from the 1930s (and earlier).

Images from the "Pacific Islands Geographical Handbooks" (Royal Navy):
(British Crown copyright affirmed -- reprinted with permission -- credits located here)

View from Mt. Tukur, Koror Island
Views near Babelthuap Island (images linked - fast upload)  *
Views near Babelthuap Island (images open - slower upload)  *

Views of island brush & jungle
Pandanus brush on an atoll
Pandanus trees ("pandanus scrub"), Wotje Atoll

**  Beach vegetation Nauru Island (opens to larger file)  **
**  Mangrove tree in tidewater 'mangrove swamp'  **
**  Open Pandanus forest (lower rainfall area) on Maui Hawaii  **
**  Pandanus in wetter jungle, Marquesas Islands (larger file)  **
**  Vegetation in a Hawai'i Mountain valley (larger file)  **

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