Spontoon Island
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First posted 5 January 2011
*  Update 23 June 2014  *

Art Archive
Antonia 'Toni' DiFrancesca
[stage name: Toni 'Stripes' Pantera]
She is a character created by M. Mitchell Marmel
This archive includes commissioned art by various artists
of Toni (and some of her co-workers and friends).

Some images may be Mature

(Included are some pictures of Toni's partner & friend in
her burlesque career, Rosie Baumgartner)

  Toni had a career as a vaudeville and burlesque performer,
and since the mid-1930s lives on Meeting Island
in the Spontoon Atoll.

Toni set to travel, with trunks (1930) - art by ZeroSeven; character by Mitch Marmel
Travelin' Toni! - art by ZeroSeven - character by Mitch Marmel
ZeroSeven: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zeroseven - mature art at archive
"Gnu York, 1930: Having completed a successful career in burlesque,
Toni Pantera is off with Rosie Baumgartner to start a new career in the movies!
Next stop, Los Antelopes!"

Rosie & Toni Take the Train! - Art by Thomas K. Dye, characters by M. Mitchell Marmel
Toni & Rosie Take the Train! (1930s Santa Fe Railroad to the West Coast)  *
Art by Thomas K. Dye - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tkdye/
(Larger file here - 1.6 MBytes) - characters by M. Mitchell Marmel

Toni & Rosie Flakes - Cartoon  by O. T. Grey, characters by M. Mitchell Marmel
Toni & Rosie Flakes - Cartoon by O.T. Grey  *
(Larger file here - 680 KBytes) - Characters by M. Mitchell Marmel

Toni DiFrancesca "Anyone for Tennis?" - art by L. Frank - character by M. Mitchell Marmel
 "Anyone for Tennis?" - Anatonia 'Toni' DiFrancesca
(Larger file here - 530 KBytes) - character by M. Mitchell Marmel
Art by L. Frank - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/wom-bat/

Toni is a burlesque performer & stage-partner, and friend of Rosie.

Antonia DiFrancesca; (stage name: Toni "Stripes" Pantera)
character by M.Mitchell Marmel; art by Kjartan