Spontoon Island
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Audio Histories

"Prof. Calbert Cormoray & the Gentlemen Wanderers, circa 1931" - concept and pencils by Jerry Collins; 'inks' and shading by Ken Fletcher
"Prof. Calbert Cormoray and the Gentleman Wanderers, 1931"
A popular band booked Summers at the Coconut Shell, Casino Island.

Jerry Collins, concept and pencils - Ken Fletcher, 'inks' and shading.
(Larger file here - 1.7 MBytes)

Dancer/Drummer:Drummer/Dancer - by Jerry Collins
Dancer/Drummer:Drummer/Dancer - by Jerry Collins  *
Larger file here (997 KBytes)

Freya Islanddottir recording in 1931 (Ken Fletcher)
A Euro promotion poster for Freya Islanddottir (Mature Image)
(Tom Foster & Ken Fletcher)

Radio & early television:

Radio LONO "The Voice of the Gods"
Station Manager: Mitch Marmel    Snapshots: various contributors

"Gusty" Greene and Casino Island Co-Op Radio (CICOR)
article by Steven F. Scharff

Rain Island Radio
article by Walter D. Reimer

"Who Walked In? The Story of the Four Fools"
History by Walter D. Reimer
Radio-play transcripts & recordings
Samples of shows, including "Fool's Delight"
& "The Adventures of Inspector Stagg", & other shows
from the files of Radio LYRC.

Accounts of  Spontoon Island music and recordings:

Ignatz Kokonino & the Spontones
an audio history by JW Kennedy

DrumbaHine Band
Performing at the Coconut Shell (circa 1936)
(Ken Fletcher)

Promotional poster from Stuart McCarthy