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Posted: 11 February 2008
*  Art update: 31 December 2015  *
**  Art update: 16 January 2017  **

"Big Red"
Singer, Entertainer, Nightclub Owner
Art & character background by Richard Bartrop

Big Red: Lady Sings the Blues - by R. J. Bartrop
Big Red: Lady Sings the Blues - By R. J. Bartrop
"Red doing what she does best."
(larger file here: 1 MByte) - http://rjbartrop.deviantart.com/
Illustration nominated for the 2010 Ursa Major awards!

Big Red

b. 1914

Gender: Female

Species; Red Fox, with some Red Wolf ancestry.

Height 6' 1"

Nationality: American

Occupation: Singer/ entertainer/ nightclub owner

Big Red, or more often, just "Red", is the owner, and star attration at Red's, a nightclub in the heart of Casino Island. If she has another name, she doesn't use it, and whatever history she had before she arrived on Spontoon Island in the fall of 1938, she doesn't talk about it. On the other hand, she has made it her business to find out what goes on in Spontoon, and the surrounding islands, and over the years has built up a network of informants. Dealing in formation, an serving as a go-between for various deals (not always legal) became a profitable sideline for Red.

Despite her silence about her past, or because of it, speculation continues. There's that pinup-painting in a well-known men's magazine that looks a lot like her, painted by an artist who was killed not long after. Then there's that newspaper photo from New York that might be her with a proinent mobster. And of course there was the guy, who knew a guy who swore he saw her in a certain kind of film (the kind men like). Whatever the truth is, the vixen isn't talking..

 As reported by Richard Bartrop

Richard Bartrop will allow "Big Red" to be a
"shareware" character used by other contributors

to the Spontoon Island setting.
Please check with him first about story details.

"Big Red" by Richard Bartrop
Big Red, about to entertain you.

"Big Red: Wishes you a Happy New Year" -  Toned pencil sketch by R.J. Bartrop.
**  Big Red: Wishes you a Happy New Year!  **
Toned pencil sketch by R. J. Bartrop - January 2017 - Larger file here (609 Bytes)

"Big Red: Red Robe" by R.J. Bartrop - December 2016
**  "Big Red: Red Robe" color sketch by R. J. Bartrop - December 2016  **
Larger file here (1.6 MBytes) - 

Big Red: That Old Black Magic - by Richard J Bartrop
Big Red: That Old Black Magic - by R. J. Bartrop
(Larger file here - 1.7 MegaBytes) - http://rjbartrop.deviantart.com/

"Big Red: Vixen" (black & white drawing) - by R. J. Bartrop
"Big Red: Vixen" by R. J. Bartrop  *
(Larger file here - 458 KBytes)


"Makin' a List" (Big Red) (thumbnail art) - by R. J. Bartrop
"Makin' a List" (Big Red) - R.J. Bartrop (large file - 1.2 MBytes)


"Widgets for Victory" ad (Big Red) (thumbnail) by R.J. Bartrop

"Widgets for Victory!" (Speed Week program book ad,
modeled by
singer 'Big Red') - (larger art here)
by Richard Bartrop

Thumbnail "Big Red Bathing Beauty by Richard Bartrop
*  Thumbnail art links
 to a higher resolution image

"Big Red Bathing Beauty" by Richard Bartrop (larger resolution at 1.2 Mbytes)
This image was part of the comic "Hit the Beach" #14, available at Radio Comics

Big Red (on phone)(homage to George Petty) thumbnail by R. J. Bartrop
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 to a higher resolution image (812 Kb)
"Big Red" (on the phone) (a homage to George Petty) by R.J. Bartrop

Big Red Goes Native (Sort of) by Richard Bartrop
"Big Red Goes Native (Sort of )"
" With thanks to Milton Caniff's Male Call "

Big Red wishes you a Happy New Year!