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Posted 22 October 2007

Brotherhood of the Boneless
Created by Mr. David R. Dorrycott
Released to the Public Domain in January, 2007 C.E.

"The Brotherhood is released to Public Domain." - David R. Dorrycott

The Brotherhood's names, the concept, & the information in this article are released to the Public Domain.

For the moment, copyright is retained on this written article -- if you want to quote paragraphs,
or reprint the article, you should contact David R. Dorrycott, care of http://www.naorhy.com


[Taken from a report by Professor Sandfish H. Farthinton II, PhD, SSD, KLM. 
His report was given before the I.A.D.,The International Academy of Detectives,
 on March 11th, 1936.]       

Brotherhood of the Boneless, known collectively as 'The Brotherhood', 'The Boneless', and 'The Dark Ones'.  I will call them the 'Brotherhood' within this report.  But what is the Brotherhood?   Why do even the most powerful furs fear that name?  What evil, what power could they possibly project to make even national governments wary of crossing them?  Where did they come from and who are they?  For the last, the most successful appear as normal everyday furs; going about life as all furs do.   

What is the Brotherhood?  They are furs who hunt, trap and render game for the use and pleasure of other furs, and their own profit.  It is the horror that the game they hurt are you, I, our brothers, sisters -- For to them, we are nothing but animals.  Animals to be trapped, skinned, rendered, and sold to other animals.  They are evil in the darkest way, for they consider themselves to be nothing more than honest businessman going about their daily work.  They do not consider themselves evil, though they understand that the animals who they prey upon are more than capable of taking them down, should they be discovered.

And where can the Brotherhood be found?  Why, almost everywhere: Perhaps even in your own home town.  Very few nations have managed to eradicate their own infestation of the Brotherhood.  Spontoon Island being one of those, and that only most recently.  And there are the solitaire Hunters: Those who wander about; collecting their product from small towns, neighborhoods, even PTA meetings.  You have seen then, the Door-to-Door Brush Salesman, Cosmetics Woman, Bible Salesman.  They are in your town a week or two, walking door-to-door with their wares.  Watching for the fur who is alone and whose pelt is of a desired color, pattern or size.  Then they leave for the next town, and there is always the story of some housewife who ran off, a missing husband, and the like.    

How do these creatures hunt?  Therein lives the difficulty in discovering these creatures.  Each hunts in the manner of their choosing. Perhaps a call girl, who suggests a private place.  A Fisherman who knows the best place, just down the stream around that bend.  That handsome fur inviting you to his place for ‘a nightcap.’   The taxi you grabbed late at night or truck-driver who offers you a lift.  They are in every possible profession.  They work alone, in couples, or in packs.  In many places there are ‘Houses’: Places where they have built safe and secure buildings where they socialize, have libraries, medical care -- even restaurants.  Should you ever find yourself in one of these places, dare not to eat the meat offered you.  Then there are the processing places.  These can range from an abandoned farm building for a solitaire, to "just where did that pet food come from anyway?"  Why does Aunt Clara have such a happy gleam in her eyes as she wears her new leather gloves -- Gloves she purchased not long after her cranky ex-neighbor vanished in the snowstorm last year.

This leads us to ask, just how many of these creatures are there.  At last estimate, over one- and less than two-hundred thousand in 1935.  An exact number cannot ever be known, as the Brotherhood keeps no records of their members.  Yet so strict is their secrecy that every attempt to infiltrate them has resulted in the fur's carefully mounted head being returned to his agency.  They are to be found alone, in groups of three of four, and in Houses of fifteen to twenty.  Some run ‘farms.’  Villages carefully ‘weeded’ of the undesired. Those too intelligent, too ugly, too curious.  Docile people who go about their daily lives knowing they are meat for another’s table, yet uncaring -- for this is the way it has always been.  Outsiders who discover the truth are soon to have fatal ‘accidents.’  Should a House be discovered, invariably these creatures manage to escape, being somehow warned in advance.

Thus comes the question of, who buys these creatures' products?  The answer will surprise you, as such items are sold as exotic leathers, high-grade furs, holistic medicines, aphrodisiacs and even ‘lucky dice.’  Only careful inspection will ferret out these creatures' creations.  Items that had once been breathing, talking, laughing, loving intelligent furs have been discovered in Libraries, Old World cures, books and even such mundane items as boots, gloves and seat leathers.  Owners have been the rich and the poor.  There appears to be no specific market for their wares with the exception of the Far East. 

One may ask how long the Brotherhood has been in existence.  To date proof has been found in cavern paintings that they, or their kind, existed alongside our ancestors.  Perhaps their culture rose as we arose, following our civilization on its outskirts.  Remaining in the shadows.  Always there, always just out of touch.  Certainly old fables support that the Brotherhood has been in existence at least since the written word.  Nor may we hope to ever fully eradicate the Brotherhood.  They are now so integrated into our civilization that to expose them would cause the end of us. Our great civilization would fall into chaos, and they would still be there. Perhaps even more powerful.

Brotherhood of the Boneless:  Evil, Fear, Madness.  They can be everywhere (except Spontoon and Canada) and nowhere.  You can kill a hundred and next week more will take their place.  Yet for all they are, a fur could live a full active life and never encounter one.  After all, in a city of 100,000 perhaps only one is present -- Never enough to affect more than a small percentage of the population.  And they shun the limelight.  They avoid those who might understand who they are, because they are no more supernatural than you are.  They are simply without heart except for those they love. And that is the madness of the Brotherhood. They love, hate and fear, just like you and I.

And what proof have we that these creatures truly exist?  I have for your reading pleasure, stories of Kings cowed when their daughters pelts were given to them.  Pelts turned into robes, bed covers and even rugs.  Stories of the Great War, when German Intelligence accidentally discovered a House in Berlin itself, and all the proof any intelligent fur would need to believe.  Even a report from the great British Reporter Killian Whitehall, the only fur known to infiltrate a House and escape alive, though he too died only days later in a suspicious aircraft crash.  There are dozens more stories, even bits of physical proof.  Believe me, dear sirs and ladies.  They exist.  They are out there.  And we must do all we are able to stop them forever.

[It is noted that Professor Sandfish vanished the next weekend, his well-mounted head, complete with glasses, arriving at the Academy three months later by Standard Post.]

The names of the Brotherhood, the concept, and the information in this article
are released to the Public Domain.
For the moment, copyright is retained on this written article -- if you want to quote paragraphs, or reprint the article, you should contact David R. Dorrycott, care of http://www.naorhy.com