Spontoon Island
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First posted: 11 April 2010
*  Update: 27 August 2010  *
**  Update 2 September 2010  **
***  Update 10 September 2010  ***

Batchelor(ette) Party(ing)
by  E.O. Costello & M. Mitchell Marmel
- (With Illustrations by Seth C. Triggs) -
May 1937, the week before the wedding of Reggie & Willow (& Grace).
How could anything go strange?

Inocenta du Cleds defending the ship against boarders - Art by Seth C. Triggs
Inocenta du Cleds valiantly defends the ship against the boarders.
  From "Bachelor(ette) Party(ing)" Chapter 8 - Character by M. Mitchell Marmel
 Art by Seth C. Triggs
- http://www.bibp.com/

Chapter One

Chapter Two
("Did you hear the story about that stuck-up Andre d'Arbres?!")
(mature for adult situations)

Chapter Three
(Party planning - "Venue you would choose well...")

Chapter Four
(Last minute invitations - & the batchelorette yacht party begins.)

Chapter Five
(A party in a jail cell - & an awkwardly appropriate request)

Chapter Six
(An awkwardly supplied guest - & a party in a yacht)
(mature for adult situations)

Chapter Seven  *
(An unexpected war buddy - & a party adrift)
(mature for adult situations)

**  Chapter Eight  **
(Defending the gangplank -- Prepare to attract boarders!)
(mature for adult situations)

***  Chapter Nine  ***
(Served at the bar....)
(ending this story section)

© 2010 by  E.O. Costello and M. Mitchell Marmel.
Willow Fawnsworthy, Reggie Buckhorn, Franklin Stagg,
Orrin Brush, and Leslie duCleds, © Eric Costello
Rosie Baumgartner, Inocenta duCleds (nee de Ciervos)
Marryin’ Sam and Lulubelle Mae Brunswick ©  M. Mitchell Marmel
Ranua Milikonu, Lisa Fallingwater, and Brenda and Covina Johnson © Walter D. Reimer
Katie MacArran and Heloise the Huntress © J. T. Urie

Reggie in full bound (or, A Non-Alcoholic Stir-up Cup) by Seth C. Triggs; surprised stranger & Reggie by E.O. Costello
Reggie in full Boundless, or, A Non-Alcoholic Stir-up Cup
Art by Seth C. Triggs -
Observant Young Lady & Reggie Buckhorn are characters from
"Batchelor(ette) Party(ing)" by E.O.Costello & M. Mitchell Marmel

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At the table (Giant Gnat) - by Seth Triggs
Coffee around the table - Art by Seth C. Triggs - http://www.bibp.com/
(Clockwise from upper left: Willow Fawnsworthy, Reggie Buckhorn,
Rosie Baumgartner, Inocenta (deCiervos) duCleds, & Leslie duCleds)