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Rated Web-14
These stories may depict mature situations

Tales of the Crusader Dorm
  By Simon Barber

Tales of the dorm of licensed amateur sleuths at the
Songmark Aeronautical Boarding School For Young Ladies
(Songmark Academy). Located on Eastern Island, Songmark Atoll.

How the Crusader Dorm was formed at Songmark Academy,
in the Summer of 1936:

"The Coral Curtain Mystery"
by Simon Barber
(including background files on Nancy Rote)

Fall, 1936:
The Crusader Dorm is given a challenging assignment
that re-introduces us to the factions of the Songmark dorms
- and may involve an intriguing series of business lectures
by that conniving mouse, Beryl Parkesson.
"The Case of the Missing Misdemeanour"
Part 1
Part 2
(concluding this case)

December, 1936:
"The Case of the Compromising Carbon"
An Alpha & Nancy Rote tale.
Where Nancy & Alpha solve
some mysteries of love, for good and ill.
(This story contains Adult situations.)
(A review of Nancy's background file at
"The Coral Curtain Mystery" is recommended.)

Mr. Simmons is met by Nancy & Alpha Rote at the Eastern Island airport - Art by Kjartan
Mr. Simmons is met by Nancy & Alpha Rote at the Eastern Island airport - Art by Kjartan
from "The Case of the Compromising Carbon" by Simon Barber

Easter, 1937:
"Serfing Safari"  *
"Tsar Trek: The Next Generation"

A Tale of The Crusader Dorm
and their visit to the island nation of Vostok
 during the Easter school holidays.

Part 1 Upload: 19 April 2010  *

Crusader Dorm art archive

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