Spontoon Island
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19 May 2010
*  Update 2 June 2010  *
**  Update 15 June 2010  **
***  Update 25 June 2010  ***
(ending this story)

A Convention ~ and Other Things
by Mr. David R. Dorrycott
A story of a 1930s sci-fi fan convention on Spontoon Island,
and Hollywood film studio deals, and actresses under pressure.

(For Mature readers, due to some adult situations.)

Songmark and Songmark characters copyright Mr. Simon Barber.
Used with permission

Part 1

Part 2  *

**  Part 3  **

***  Part 4  ***

More episodes about the filming of Charlene Van Pugpug's serial movies:
"Petunia's Perils", featuring Petunia & the evil scientist, "Silver Star"
and the new screenplay writer, Lucy Ullrich
are now appearing at David R. Dorrycott's archive:
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Check his "Stories" page under the archive: "Tales of Spontoon".
(The archive also has many more of Mr. Dorrycott's stories
set in the Spontoon Island Archepelago.)

© 2010 by Mr. David R. Dorrycott