Spontoon Island
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First Posted 28 January 2013
*  Update 5 March 2015  *
**  Update 19 March 2015  **
***  Update 2 April 2015  ***
(ending this story)

Dyes & Gulls
By Walter D. Reimer

Featuring Laura & George 'Skippy' Patagarang
of the University of Woolloomooloo, Australia -
Spouses, academics & exploration team.

Chapter One
Uploaded 28 January 2013

Chapter Two
Update 29 December 2014

Chapter Three
Update 12 January 2015
Chapter Four
Update 21 January 2015

Chapter Five
Update 18 February 2015

Chapter Six
Update 18 February 2015

Chapter Seven
Update 26 February 2015

For mature readers - Chapter 7 has adult situations
Chapter Eight  *
Update 5 March 2015

**  Chapter Nine  **
Update 19 March 2015

***  Chapter Ten  ***
Update 2 April 2015

(ending this story)

George & Laura Patagarang, in a typical expedition - Art by 'AnimeCat' (N. Holland), characters by Walt Reimer
Laura & George Patagarang (Larger file here - 463 KBytes)
Art by N. Holland - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/animecat/ -
characters by Walt Reimer

"George (on the left) and his long-suffering wife Laura (right) are Eastern Grey Kangaroos
 and part of the faculty of the University of Woolloomooloo's College of Exploration.
 George was a legacy appointment, as his father Bruce was also an explorer.
Laura's got a degree in Business and looks after the family's finances.

"She also does all the heavy lifting in their expeditions (and in their marriage),
and you can see she isn't always happy with the arrangement.

"They are noted for finding the Lost Golden Bed of Trendelenburg,
and helped the College of Exploration find Atlantis (it was located
in England - East Finchley will never be the same).

"We first met George and Laura in Chapter 4 of The Giant Gnat of Sinatra,
a tale of mad exploration...." (commentary by Walt Reimer)

Laura & George Patagarang, explorers. Art by Seth C. Triggs
Laura and George 'Skippy' Patagrang, explorers.
Art by Seth C. Triggs - http://www.bibp.com/

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