Spontoon Island
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"A Duke Denim Production"
notes by A. Kinoyev, film critic to The Island Birdwatcher

Duke Denim, the Producer/Director, used Spontoon Island for his headquarters on location shooting in 1930 for his first sound film, Proletariat Kong. He enjoyed his stay, and came back to do The Good Coconut in 1931. He seemed happy to shoot locations on Spontoon through the 30s, often dissolving filming into a vacation.

We have some pictures from Duke Denim's first musical, filmed on location on Spontoon Island in 1934: the weird but enjoyable Hollywood Paradise. The plot had a film crew filming a musical (Croon Moon) on Spontoon Island, with the main stars playing caricatures of their off-screen personas in a romantic tangle. Ad libs and improvisations were rewarded. Duke Denim appears as himself and himself, which may give you an idea of how folded up the plot is. The film wasn't easy to follow, but many viewers came back over and over to track the loops of the plot and catch the in-jokes. It was one of the first true cult films.

The illos we have here are from publicity stills, and in some cases we can't be sure if they were pictures of movie scenes, or taken off the set!

Hollywood Paradise

"Fifi" playing the native singing star of the movie CROON MOON.
A burlesque warble on the beach in the scanty costumed version (mature image).

Duke Denim (playing himself) attempting to direct "Fifi" LaTour in CROON MOON.
(mature image)

Second banana babes stealing a scene from Thornton Throbby, crooner.

Frazzi LaTour relaxing off-camera (?) and making new friends.