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First Upload 2 May 2021
Continuing from A Tale of Two Lidos:

Contents page - "Amelia's Diary"

Extracts from a diary:

On the Rebound

by Simon Barber

"Being the twenty-ninth part of Amelia's Diaries.
Having tried the direct approach to reclaiming her new
ancestral estates and Allworthy Industries,
Amelia falls back from a direct assault to think again...
"--Simon Barber

Amelia, Lady Allworthy (neƩ Amelia Bourne-Phipps) & her friends
(educated adventuresses all, and warrior priestesses, some)
encounter the world after Songmark Academy.
They have arrived in England. 
(Continuing from September 1937.)

(May include the occasional mature situation.)

***  2 September 1937  ***
(Upload 2 May 2021)
An Evasive change of direction. Amelia considers
 an indirect route to the south of England, to pick-up her
repaired seaplane, Storm Bird. The Bentley automobile
they are driving is likely to be too conspicuous on the journey,
but there may be a way to indirectly disguise it, while continuing
 to travel. England is seen with new eyes after 3 years away.
A hitch-hiker gets a hitch-hire. From a list of recommended
contacts (from past fellow-traveler, Miss Jinks), they arrive
safely, to meet another welcoming upper-class hostess
in a country home. Dinner is served.

(to be continued)

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