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Posted 24 August 2013
In the Time of Oharu
November 1935 to November 1936

By Reese Dorrycott

A novel in (Adobe) pdf format
with permission for you to download granted by the writer
for your own personal reading.

This novel contains some Adult situations, in context, within the story -
similar to many modern mainstream adventure and grim thriller novels
 that include exotic characters, situations, and settings.
Recommended for Mature readers.
If it would be illegal or forbidden for you to read a
modern bestseller thriller novel from the USA,
then do not open this download file.

In the Time of Oharu
November 1935 to November 1936

Written and edited by Reese Dorrycott

  Copyright 2008 by David Reese Dorrycott

Commentary by Ken Fletcher (archivist of the Spontoon Island website).

"In the Time of Oharu" is a large novel, with a pdf file of 6.84 MegaBytes. It is 797 pages in an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch format, and would easily equal a 1200-page paperback. It was a serial-novel, published in chapter installments on the internet, at more than one website.

The file you download includes a preface by the author, and an appendix of characters and locations, that has also be published separately on the internet.

This is an "anthropomorphic" style of novel. It is a fable set in a science-fantasy alternate version of Earth, during the 1930s. It is similar to, and different from, our world. You might visualize the main characters as a blend of human and animal forms. They think and act as historical humans might, with the occasional display of the conventions of an animal ancestry. This is the novel's style.

The story is set during a crucial time in the Pacific region of this world, where many cultures are going through major transitions, and anticipating a time of war.

I would like to mention that you will meet 'Oharu' in the eleventh chapter. The first 12 chapters are an introduction to some of the more grim parts of this alternate version of our world, and how bad life can be there. Yet there is hope... and action. This opening story section is very similar to novels of pulp-magazine adventure and a modern horror/thriller novels.

For redundancy:
  This (Adobe) pdf file of "In the Time of Oharu" is also located
at Reese and Anna Dorrycott's website -- www.naorhy.com
  This is posted to allow you to download your own personal reading copy,
 with Reese's permission. Linked 24 August 2013.


 To read a pdf file (as used for the "In the Time of Oharu")
the software "Adobe Reader" may be downloaded for FREE,
from the Adobe website.

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