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Update 17 October 2004

The Island Bird-Watcher 
A journal of local gossip and news for those in the archipelago
keeping track of the comings-and-goings of the air set.
It is often illustrated with photos or drawings,
 and comes out at least monthly
and sometimes weekly.

Examples and Illustrations provided
from the archives of Mr. S. A. Gallacci

The Island Birdwatcher was "...an irregular publication, likely orginally
pub'ed as things happened, or every week or two, or three, as content
became available. By the mid-'30s, however, there was enough going on
to make it a weekly, at least for the Spontoon local edition, to keep
up to date on social events, with a once-a-score (actually 21 day)
greater Pacific edition for more general info on air traffic trends and
features, NOTAMS, and less time-sensitive information. The local
edition would be timed to come out just after the arrival of notable
passengers on schedualed traffic, or have special editions for
unschedualed or special events."
[Spontoon aviation historian S.A.Gallacci,
from correspondence October 2004]

Some pages from Volume XXXI, No. 16: "DISASTER!"
"Island Bird-Watcher" page 1 - by SAGallacci
page 1

page 2 "The Island Bird-Watcher" - by SAGallacci
page 2

(More about  McMillan & Aksnel's Sea Snake floatplane here)

page 3 (illustrations) "The Island Bird-Watcher" (thumbnail) - by SAGallacci
page 3 (illustrations)

page 4 (ad) "The Island Bird-Watcher" - by SAGallacci
page 4 (advertisement: Superior Engineering)

A page from Volume XXXVI, No. 4
"Sightings: Boeing B-17" (with an attached letter)

The letter home:

A letter home - by SAGallacci

Island Birdwatcher: Vol 36 No 4: Boeing B-17