Spontoon Island
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*  Update 24 January 2016  *
(Les & Inocenta & fawns, 1937)

Leslie duCleds  &
Willow Fawnsworthy

From the personal diary of Willow Fawnsworthy
5 May, 1935
(as edited by M. Mitchell Marmel)

Character backgrounds by M. Mitchell Marmel:

Leslie duCleds

Species/Gender:  Boston Terrier canine/male

Physical appearance:  Typical 1930's playboy type.  Good physical shape.  Pencil mustache.  Affects jodhpurs and riding boots on the ground, tailored jumpsuit when flying.

Nationality:  American.

Occupation:  Self-styled "adventurer"

Leslie "Les" duCleds is the heir to the DuCleds Chemical fortune.  Ostensibly traveling to maintain the family business in the South Pacific, Les has decided to have adventures along the way.  Inspired by the "Doc Ferocious" and detective pulp stories he read while attending an Ivy League university, he has practiced in armed and unarmed combat, studied science and languages.  While skilled, Les thinks he's more proficient than he really is.  Les is an avid aviator, and can move in society circles with ease (owing to a lifetime of practice).

Willow Fawnsworthy

Species/Gender:  Doe/Female

Physical appearance:  Slender, but curves in the right places.  Blonde hair, just above shoulder length.

Nationality:  American

Occupation:  Secretary/Companion (apparently), PI/bodyguard (actually)

The duCleds didn't make a fortune in chemicals by being fools.  When young Leslie decided to take up gallivanting, his father, Paul duCleds, decided that a chaperone/ bodyguard would be needed.  Being perceptive, he also knew that Leslie would ditch an ordinary bodyguard like a shot.  Accordingly, one of the Minkerton Detective Agency's finest female operatives was hired for the job.  Officially, Willow is Leslie's secretary and companion.  However, if trouble strikes, she can outfight, outfly and outshoot her charge (unbeknownst to Leslie).  Ever the professional, Willow hasn't let any romance develop, although she and Leslie have become fast friends.

[Characters created by M. Mitchell Marmel]

Leslie & Willow's calling cards (when they were back in the States).
From the collection of M. Mitchell Marmel

Willow & Leslie see the sights on a Spontoonie beach.
(art by Simon Barber)

Willow & Leslie making plans at a cocktail lounge.
(art by Ken Fletcher & Stu Shiffman)

A model sheet for Leslie & Willow drawn by Ken Fletcher.

More mug shots of Leslie & Willow.

Willow playing the prim secretary.

Leslie's private floatplane: an Ercorsair 105-S

More Willow art at the Reggie & Willow art archive!

Inocenta de Ciervos Y Comamenta - Art by Kjartan, Character by E.O. Costello
Inocenta de Ciervos Y Comamenta
Art by Kjartan - character by E.O. Costello

Les & Incocenta duCleds & their twin fawns (Maria Isabella Eunice & Rosa Luisa Antonia) - Characters by E.O.Costello & M.M. Marmel - commissioned by Walt Reimer - art by TheTiedTigress
"Les and Inocenta and Fawns" (Larger file here - 3.6 MBytes)  *
Leslie and Inocenta duCleds,
Maria Isabella Eunice, and Rosa Luisa Antonia duCleds (the Twins)

 Art by TheTiedTigress - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/thetiedtigress
Commissioned by Walter D. Reimer

"Leslie duCleds (the Boston Terrier on the left) is the heir to the duCleds chemical company,
and Inocenta (nee de Ciervos y Comamenta) is the fine figure of a Spanish doe that he met,
fell in love with, and married in early 1937."
The story of their relationship can be found in the following stories:
Inocenta Until Proven Guilty
Valentine's Dazed
The I Do's of March
and in the current story In the Family Way, by Walter Reimer
which is being serialized on FurAffinity.

Leslie and Incocenta duCleds and their twins are
characters created by E.O.Costello and M.M. Marmel.
(Upload 24 January 2016)