Spontoon Island
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Contributions to the Spontoon Island setting from
"J. P. Morgan"
John Patrick Morgan
1957 - 30 December 2010

I regret to announce the death of J.P.Morgan, artist & writer,
and occassional contributor to these Spontoon Island pages.
He was born in 1957, and died 30 December 2010
at his home in Keansburg, New Jersey.
He was the writer and artist of the ironic, satirical,
cynical, & political comic strip character,
"Fission Chicken" http://www.fissionchicken.com/
which appears in independent comic books & on the internet.

J.P. Morgan contributed art that added to the mystical science fantasy of
the Spontoon Archipelago, and he was the originator of
several mythic memes in our islands, including
the "Nootnops" soft drink bottling works.

Nootnops Bottling Works ad (thumbnail) - by J.P. Morgan
NOOTNOPS Bottling works
refreshing soft drink

Kilowatt Kat Battles the Crater Lake God-Monster!

Kilowatt Kat Vs. Keyho-Raha-Raha!

Flying boat & swimming monster - art by J.P. Morgan

Token tikis (found in ancient archeological archives
by J.P. Morgan)