Spontoon Island
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First posted 29 May 2009
*  Art Update: 3 March 2011  *
**  Art Update: 9 March 2011  **

Title "Tales of the Sea Bass" by L. Frank
Art & Background page

Story & Art © L. Frank - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/wom-bat/

Featuring Leo Sinclaire

Leo Sinclair, Captain of the "Sea Bass" - by Louis Frank
Leo Sinclaire  *

* “Adventurer, Captain of the Sea Bass floatplane, and fan of tacos."  *

(Larger file here - 1012 KBytes) *

And Leo's adventure acquaintances...

Maggie (thumbnail) - by L. Frank
Maggie - Leo Sinclaire's mechanic and sometimes sidekick
(Larger file here - 911 KBytes)

An 18-year-old opposum; somewhat naive: "These'll help me run faster..."
(from L. Frank:“The way I see her, she doesn't even realize
she's doing anything even remotely suggestive....")

Richie Salutes - a character from "Tales of the Sea Bass" by L. Frank
**  Richie Salutes - by L. Frank - (Larger file here - 911 KBytes)  **
Vendor, messenger, entrepreneur - a cat with savvy on the Spontoons.
"Sure, I can tell you about it...But you didn't hear it from me."
(L. Frank: “Well, back in the states he learned
 that people respect a man who takes care of his appearance.”)

The Major (thumbnail) - by L. Frank
**  The Major - by L. Frank - (Larger file here - 911 KBytes)  **
Kilt-wearing retired
military man living out his days on the Spontoon Islands.
(L. Frank: “Don't tell anyone, but it's really a sarong.... ;p Britain with a bit of the south seas :D”)
(The Major (a terrier dog) says:
"You try wearing a wool kilt in this climate and THEN tell me I'm crazy.")

Madame Ling (thumbnail) - by L. Frank
**  Madam Ling - by L. Frank - (Larger file here - 911 KBytes)  **
“Mysterious female panda from the east.”

(Commenter: "Oooo - Pretty" - L. Frank: “And dangerous :D
“She's a dragon lady who isn't actually a dragon ;p”)

Leo's life of adventure...

Sea Bass Taco (thumbnail) by L. Frank
"Sea Bass Taco" by L. Frank (Larger file here)

Return of the Sea Bass (thumbnail) - by L. Frank
"Return of the SEA BASS" by L. Frank

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1998 Spontoon zine art (waving at seaplane) (thumbnail) - by L. Frank
1998 Spontoon Island zine art by L. Frank  *