Spontoon Island
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"Sky" Shark
Art Archives
Update 17 April 2005
* Update 21 January 2006 *
Art © 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006 Stuart McCarthy

Link to "Sky" Shark biography

"Sky" Shark poster

Plan diagrams of "Sky"Shark's aircraft:
The 'Barracuda'

*   SkyShark's flying suit  *

An informal portrait of Stanton Whitmore III
at his home in the Spontoon Islands

Mr. Whitmore's personal automobile  *
a Lincoln Continental 'Brougham'
with coachwork by Murphy of Pasadena, California

A commemorative photograph of
Mr. Whitmore's parents

"Sky" Shark's adventures (as depicted by
Stuart McCarthy as a graphic narrative)
are located on our 'Comics' webpage

"Sky" Shark logo by Stuart McCarthy
"Sky" Shark logo