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Biography update 10 May 2006
Update on art page 21 January 2006

"Sky" Shark
a biography
by Stuart McCarthy

© 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006 Stuart McCarthy
"Sky" Shark in leather jacket by Stuart McCarthy

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(Update 21 January 2006)

“Sky” Shark 
a biography by Stuart McCarthy

REAL NAME: Stanton Whitmore III

ALIAS: "Sky" Shark

DATE OF BIRTH: 27 May, 1908

PLACE OF BIRTH: Cape Cod, Massachusetts, United States of America; to Stanton Whitmore II & Eva Von Wiesbaden.

SPECIES: German Shepherd dog.

OCCUPATION: Millionare playboy and chairman of the family-owned accounting business (based in Lower Manhattan’s financial district).

BIOGRAPHY: It was a visit to an air show on his 11th birthday, in May, 1919, at Grand Forks, North Dakota that sparked young Stanton's keen interest in flying.

It was here wher he was first introduced to the dare-devil barnstorming exploits of Oliver (Olly) "Loopy" Linklater (1885-1924, so-called because of his breathtaking, famous "loop-the-loop" aerobatic displays). Linklater had made his name as a famous ace pilot while serving with the Lafayette Escardrille during the "Great War", by shooting down a staggering 38 enemy planes over France over the period of 1916-17.

Young Stan soon began looking up to "Loopy" Linklater as his hero. It was because of "Loopy' that he wanted to be a pilot in the first place-he even built himself a wooden model of Linklater's personal S.P.A.D S-XIII biplane.

However, five years later, in 1924, Stanton was hit very hard by Linklater's untimely death in a freak accident that occured while he was performing one of his stunts. He mourned the loss of his childhood idol.

Stanton’s father was chairman of the family accounting firm, Whitmore & Sons. Young Stanton started out life working as an accountant for his father’s company. However, Whitmore Snr was so impressed by his eldest son’s hard work and commitment, that he promoted Whitmore Jnr to the position of his right-hand man.

Stanton had a strong Ivy League college background. He attended Harvard university from 1925 to 1928. He gained degrees in Business, English and Mathematics.

On September 20, 1938, at the age of seventy-eight, Stanton Whitmore Snr was on his death-bed. He bequeathed half of his multi-million dollor fortune to Stanton Jnr. The other half of his fortune went to his younger son, Henry Whitmore (born August 18, 1914 in Newport, Rhode Island). As next of kin, Stanton Jnr was elevated to the status of chairman of Whitmore & Sons. Naturally, his young brother Henry was made vice-chairman of the company.

There was a catch, however. Stanton Snr made both his two sons promise that they would spend their inheritance very carefully, and use some of it to benefit their fellow men. The two brothers lovingly agreed to this stipulation.

Two weeks later, on October 5, 1938, Stanton Whitmore II finally passed away.

Heartbroken by his father’s demise, Stanton spent a considerable amount of time away from home to travel the islands of the South Seas. As vice-chairman, Henry decided to stay behind in New York and manage their accounting business. It was on one of these islands that Stanton came across the love of his life – a fellow American by the name of Mabel Lockhart. Miss Lockhart was working as a Christian missionary tending to the native population, who were stricken with malaria. The island was rampant with the disease! In an instant, Stanton had found his calling. Being a rather astute businessman, he joined ranks with Mabel to set up a new hospital on nearby Spontoon Island – complete with its own ‘flying doctor’ service (with a little help from young Henry!)

Another sideline of Stanton’s is a flying school (also situated on Spontoon Island) which was used mainly by trainee ambulance pilots from the nearby hospital. This establishment also serves as a cover for his other profession – as that famous flying crime-fighter, Sky Shark! His mode of transport is the trusty ‘Barracuda’ – a twin-engined, heavily modified racer plane.

As ‘Sky Shark’, Stanton spends a great deal of his time fighting various foes such as air pirates, crooks, foreign spies and bloodthirsty natives!

Sky Shark’s true identity is a closely-guarded secret – known only by his young brother, Henry Whitmore, Mabel, and her 18-year-old niece, Jessica Bowman, who aids Stanton as a mechanic, both at the flying school and at the hospital.

Sky Shark is kept informed of any trouble by Mabel, who uses multi-wavelength radio equipment to pick up any distress calls.

When he is not fighting crime, Stanton Spends his time attending charity events held on Casino Island and occasionally making excursions back home to the United States – more often than not, on business!

Stanton’s address of residence is a converted 16th century Colonial Spanish monastery on Eastern Island (some miles away from the flying school).