Spontoon Island
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Superior Engineering
a business report by S.A.Gallacci
Superior Engineering and the McCraddens © 1998 S.A.Gallacci.
Shareware to Spontoon for fannish NFP use.

Superior Engineering was founded by Malcome McCradden in 1915, originally as a support
function to the Rain Island Naval Syndicate base on Eastern Island. He quickly negotiated a
deal with the RINS and the Spontoon Althing to establish a private service operation that could
both support military operations and commercial customers, encouraging an expected post war
transportation boom. By 1922, Superior had built its permanent dock site and was well on its
way to being a well-respected, though quirky, service operation. Malcome was quick to
recognize the talent potential of the local population and recruited likely youngsters not only
as apprentices to his operation, but to then send them on overseas to become expert factory
reps of the various major engine manufacturers. Though Patrick, the eldest son, handles much
of the day-to-day business of Superior, Malcome sets and maintains policy, and is fair and
honest with all comers. He also maintains, at least, a civil relationship with the other operations
around the Spontoons, though some, like Berckhardt's he regards with some suspicion, having
doubts about the legitimacy of their "salvage" operations and arms dealing.

Superior Engineering can provide a comprehensive range of services, primarily in engine
maintenance and rebuild, be it modern aviation engines or antiquated marine semi-Diesels as
well as small to medium size turbine and reciprocating steam systems. Superior can also
handle most airframe maintenance and repair as well, though much of that work is in leased
space at the airfield and beaching area. The in-house machine and welding shop is state of the
 art, and there is provision for small to moderate capacity non-ferrous metal casting. Superior
maintains most of its own spare parts and raw stock in local warehouse space, the main
building at Superior Pier is just the permanent shop space and business offices. The
Superior Pier also has a large overhead crane, the only one of its type in the archipelago.

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