Spontoon Island
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First posted 11 March 2009
*  Update 11 April 2021  *
Surf Spontoon!
Art by various contributors & visitors
Surfing 1930s and beyond!

Australian Lady on a Spontoon Surf Vacation (circa
Aussie lady on a Spontoon surf vacation - 1933
Idea and pencils by Jerry Collins - Inks by Ken Fletcher
Larger file here (243 KBytes)

"Father and Son" Hawaii by
"Father and son - Hawaii" by Poppawolf (larger file - 2.4 MBytes)
("Poppawolf" is on the Fur Affinity archive)
Posted 4 January 2010

Two surfers by Kipper
"Two surfers" by Kipper - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/kipper/

'Surfing Tali" Art by BongoQueen -
                character by Mitch Marmel
"Surfing Tali" by BongoQueen
Tali is a character by Mitch Marmel -

Canoe Surfing by Tom Foster
"Canoe Surfing" by Tom Foster

"Turtle Surf" by Giovanna Fregni (inks
                by K. Fletcher)
"Turtle Surfing" by Giovanna Fregni