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*  Update 20 April 2014  *
**  Update & link 14 May 2014  **
***  Update 18 February 2015  ***
****  Update 10 February 2016  ****

TikI MadNesS!
(may contain strange & mature images)

"Walking among the Old Ones" (tikis - Spontoon Island) - by Jerry Collins
"Walking among the Old Ones" - by Jerry Collins

(Larger file here - 1.9 MBytes)

Tiki: Moki, Tiki of Dreams - by Jerry Collins
**  Moko: Tiki of Dreams - by Jerry Collins  **
(Larger file here - 1.2 MBytes)

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****  **  Tiki Sketches  **  ****
from the Spontoon Archipelago 1880 - 1940
by Jerry Collins
(posted 14 May 2014)
****  Update 10 February 2016  ****

"Toothy Tiki" - pencil drawing by Jerry Collins, inks by Ken Fletcher
***  "Toothy Tiki" - Pencil art by Jerry Collins, inks by Ken Fletcher

Euro scientist photographing ruins & tikis w/Spontoonie guide in foreground (thumbnail) - by Jerry Collins
Euro scientist photographing ruins & tikis;  *
Spontoonie guide in foreground - by Jerry Collins
(Larger file here - 1 MByte)

"A Very Tiki Christmas"  (adult situations) (thumbnail) - sketch by King Cheetah
"A Very Tiki Christmas" - a sketch by King Cheetah
for mature viewers - (Larger file here - 916 KBytes)

"Grottocat" Kelly O'Dor continues her tiki survey - by JW Kennedy
** "Grottocat" - Kelly O'Dor continues her tiki survey on the Spontoon isles - **
(Larger image here) - by J.W. Kennedy -

"Tiki Hunt" Kelly O'Dor (thumbnail) by JWKennedy
"Tiki Hunt" (Kelly O'Dor on the Spontoon Islands)
(Larger image here) by JWKennedy

(You may likely enjoy the Kelly O'Dor comics in the archives there)

Talking Tiki of Hooeyloweiah (Zandar & Tali) (thumbnail) by JWKennedy
"The Talking Tiki of Hooeyloweiah" - art by JWKennedy (commission by MMMarmel)
Zandar Skonk & Tali Hortoh-Mason make some disappointing discoveries!
http://docphlogiston.tripod.com/  (Larger version of image here)

Tiki-Toki (thumbnail) by Brad Foster
Tiki-Toki (color) by Brad W Foster
http://jabberwockygraphix.com    http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Quadrant/1956/

Sophia pinstripe tiki face (thumbnail)
Sophia Bianco face (pinstripe) - by Stuart McCarthy
(larger art file here - 4.4 Mgbytes)

Pinstripe Tiki (thumbnail) - by Stuart McCarthy
Pinstripe Tiki by Stuart McCarthy

Update 1 August 2008

"Tikiman" by Brad W. Foster (now in color!)
A Big "Tikiman" (black & white; over 300 Kbytes)

"Passover Island" from the archives of Stu Shiffman

The WABB'AI TIKI & friend
(captured in mid-pose by Stu Shiffman)
(Mature image)

Making an 'ancient tiki' for 'Custom' (circa 1935)
(as seen by Ken Fletcher)

British civil servants attempt to photograph tiki - by Jerry Collins
Attempt to photograph - Forbidden Knowledge -
from the colonial tiki survey

(secretly provided by Jerry Collins)

Token tikis (found in ancient archeological archives
by J.P. Morgan)

Tiki Flight!
as depicted by Roy D. Pounds II

Spirit TikiTotems from the North Coast of Spontoon Main Island
Image by Tom Foster

Found in a Spontoon dental clinic: Magazine with a Tiki cover, 1932.
Art by Larry Becker & Ken Fletcher

Kat Tiki by Giovanna Fregni

Be careful what you ask for, and which Tiki you ask

The Sacred Fuuti Pool by Ken Fletcher
The Fuuti Pool, just before some sacred ceremonies
(a gift to Salmacis Reptile from Ken Fletcher)
As seen on one of the islands of the Spontoon Archipelago
by Ken Fletcher - http://www.furaffinity.net/user/heywulf/

Tiki-facing a Wild Priest - by J.P. Morgan
Tiki-facing a Wild Priest
by J.P. Morgan
[The Spontoon Island Tourist Board recommends

that you don't do this at your home island.
Or while visiting your neighbors' islands.]