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Posted 18 April 2013
New art by O. T. Grey
& article by 'A. Kinoyev'

Baybee, the Blue Fox
a Mature rated archive of art
& replicas of animation cels
of the character from animated cartoons
produced in the USA & Rain Island
by the Koochiching County Cartoon Cooperative
in the 1920s and 1930s.

Edited by Ken Fletcher, with art by various artists
Comments and  Subtitles used with permission.

Cel from "Moosemilk Run", A Baybee the Blue Fox animated file by the Koochiching County Cartoon Cooperative
Cel from the animated cartoon "Moosemilk Run"

Baybee the Blue Fox
- As seen in Her Adventures in the "Tijuana Bibles"-
Victim of Capitalism's Erotic Exploitation Economy
on the deckled-edges of the publishing marketplace?

A short historical survey by A. Kinoyev,
movie critic (& comicbook critic) for the people.

     The Great World War that supposedly ended in 1919, left in its wake chaotic economic waves surging and collapsing over the shores of world culture... Washing aside the loose and sandy substance of what had been considered firm and solid shore-line landscapes that had fronted the gaudy but shoddy Summer-season beach-cottages of the keepers of capitalism's moral lighthouses.

     In the washed-up wreckage from the destruction of economy and capitalism's moral lifeguard stations, some cartoonists and small printing shops, those most vital supports of the world economy, survived the world economic collapse with the income from the distribution of "Tijuana Bibles".

     "Tijuana Bibles" (sometimes known as "8-Pagers" and "Comics: The kind that Adults like!") were small pamphlets of erotic (or pornographic, if you prefer) comic strips. The stories were usually 8 cartoon panels long, black ink on cheap white paper, printed with one panel per page. The rude erotic story would often would feature pop culture animation and comic strip characters and other pop culture celebrities. These small booklets usually had a cartooned cover design of one or two colors on colored paper, and were about 2 1/2 inches tall by 4 inches wide. (6.5 x 10 cm)

     "Baybee, the Blue Fox", as an animation character, was not at the apex of pop culture, but she was a cultural heroine in some regions and to some classes. Being a semi-underground animation character, she was an adaptable fit to be appropriated by these marginal clandestine publications. As adopted by the Tijuana bible cartoonists, her actions did not always match her original political activist origins.

     With the research assistance of devoted pop culture collectors, selected scenes from her appearances in the 8-pagers are reproduced here....


Baybee the Blue Fox, scene - art by O.T. Grey

From “Foxy Nights”
(scene in bedroom – with unknown partner) - circa 1930
A reproduction from the original art by O.T. Grey

Baybee the Blue Fox, scene - Art by O.T. Grey

From “The Island of the Tiki Mice”
(tied to the post – with Tiki-masked mice) - circa 1930
A reproduction from the original art by O.T. Grey

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