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Art Archive
Rosalie 'Rosie' Baumgartner
She is a character created by M. Mitchell Marmel
This archive includes commissioned art done by various artists
of Rosie (and some of her co-workers and friends).

Some images may be Mature

(Some images may include Rosie's partner in
her burlesque career, Antonia 'Toni' DiPantera)

Rosie had a career as a vaudeville and burlesque performer,
and since the mid-1930s owns Luchow's Cafe on Meeting Island
in the Spontoon Atoll. She has become lovers with Detective
Franklin Stagg, of the Spontoon Island Constabulary.

Franklin & Rosie kiss - art by Katie Lazotte, characters EOCostello & MMMarmel
***  Franklin & Rosie kiss - art by KatieKat (Katie Lezotte)  ***
(larger file here - 526 KBytes)
(Characters by E.O.Costello & M.M.Marmel; commission via Walt Reimer)

"Rooooooosie!" - tropical pattern dress - Art by Jake Lion, character by M. Mitch Marmel
**** "Rooooooosie!" (in a tropical print dress) - Art by Jake Lion  ****
Character by M. Mitch Marmel (Larger file here - 493 KBytes)

"Rosie takes the train" (thumbnail) - art by ZeroSeven - character by Mitch Marmel
Rosie takes the train - art by ZeroSeven - character by Mitch Marmel  *
ZeroSeven: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zeroseven - mature art at their archive
"Gnu York, 1930: Having completed a successful career in burlesque,
Rosie Baumgartner is packed and ready to board the 20th Century Limited.
Destination: Follywood!"

'Rosie' Baumgartner in a business suit (thumbnail) - art by L. Frank - character by Mitch Marmel
"Rosie' Baumgartner in a business suit
Art by L. Frank -
(Larger file here - 965 KBytes) - character by Mitch Marmel
(Rosie - as seen on Christmas Eve, 1936)

"Rosie by Beru" (only a red halter-top) (thumbnail) - Art by Beru
***  "Rosie by Beru" (Only a red halter-top) - Art by Beru  ***
(Larger file here - 351 KBytes)

***  Rosie Scarfed for Christmas  ***
Art by Foxy Tangerine (Tabitha Kelley)

Rosie, painting model
***  Rosie Odalesque - Art by Bewildered (Bridget E. Wilde)  ***
(Larger file here - 1 MBytes) Commissioned by Walt Reimer.
Mitch Marmel's excellent commentary, with links, is here.

***  Biermadchen Rosie (Wearing her barmaid outfit from Luchow's) ***
(Larger file here - 970 KBytes)
Art by Teeks  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/teeks

Willow meets Rosie - by Warren Hutch - characters by Mitch Marmel
  ****  Willow meets Rosie - by Warren Hutch (Larger file here - 1.6 MBytes) ****
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/warren/ - warrenhutch@yahoo.com
(some mature art at archive) - characters by M. Mitchell Marmel

Rosie Baumgartner, hostess - Art by SusanDeer
Rosie delivers your drink at Luchow's Cafe.
Art by SusanDeer

Rosie delivers your drink (color version) (thumbnail) - Art by SusanDeer, color by Mack Lyon Velthouse - character by Mitch Marmel
"Technicolor Rosie" delivers your drink.
Art by SusanDeer
Color added by Mack Lyon Velthouse /http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sdkfz171/

"Rosie Pose" Rosie Baumgartner (thumbnail) - Art by Seth C. Triggs, character by Mitch Marmel
"Rosie Pose" - Rosalie Baumgartner
Character by Mitch Marmel
Art by Seth C. Triggs - http://www.bibp.com/
(His webcomic: "Buddies In Big Places")

Rosie as nurse - Cartoon Art by Darkwolfie - character by Mitch Marmel
Nurse Rosie
Art by Darkwolfie http://www.furaffinity.net/user/darkwolfie/

Rosie Goes Native - Art by SusanDeer (thumbnail) - character by Mitch Marmel
"Rosie Goes Native"
Art by SusanDeer

Rosie character sheet (color) (thumbnail) - art by Kjartan, color by Mack Lyon Velthouse - character Mitch Marmel
Rosalie "Rosie" Baumgartner model sheet
& Character information sheet

Larger version here (Easier to read, but at 1.1 MBytes.)
Original version in black & white
(Character by M. Mitchell Marmel; Art: Kjartan)
Color added by Mack Lyon Velthouse /http://www.furaffinity.net/user/sdkfz171/

An art archive for her friend,
Toni DiFrancesca