Spontoon Island
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Art added 28 August 2005
30 June 05

Bernie & Cheebles
A world journey in 1930

Bernie & Cheebles at the Hotel Lotteries (Stu Shiffman)
Bernie Wister & Cheebles in Humapore (Stu Shiffman)

As reconstructed from diverse correspondence by Stu Shiffman
(these files open as .rtf "rich text" files)

Hotel Lotteries, Humapore: a letter
Hotel Shnooke, Sarakwak: letters
Royal Post Office: telegraph transcripts

to be continued within "The Master Detection Conference"

An art Archive of Bernie & Cheeble's 1930 world adventures
by Stu Shiffman

Bernie & Cheebles on an elephant (with mahout) (Stu Shiffman)

Bernie Wister & Cheebles on local transportation (with mahout) (Stu Shiffman)
Claude & Eustace Wooster as planters
"Flying Pig" Air Service (pilot & autogyro)
Rajah Vernor Schooke, the "White Rabbit of Sarakwak"