Spontoon Island
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29 August 2005
The Master Detection Conference
December 1930, the Metropole Grand Hotel
Casino Island, Spontoon Atoll

As reported & illustrated by
Stu Shiffman

 (Previous world travels of Bernie Wister & Cheebles, 1930)

The Testimony of "Broadway Barry"
transcribed & illustrated by Stu Shiffman

An art Archive of the Master Detection Conference
by Stu Shiffman:

Master Detection Conference 1930 Attendees & banner (Stu Shiffman)
Distinguished attendees before conference banner
Attendees: The Scent, Nero Woof & Mallory Kean
Attendees: Buntcake & Lord Peter, Inspector Awweyn
Doc Sammitch, Ham of Bronze
Bernie (with banjo), Mick & Maura Charlton (& Pasta) in the lounge of the Metropole Grand Hotel
Some of the Hotel Metropole staff
Maura Charlton & Pasta visit the Anglican vicarage, Casino Island

An art Archive of Bernie & Cheeble's further adventures
by Stu Shiffman:

Two natives and a slightly Monsooned Bernie & Cheebles
Reverend Bingham, correspondent from Casino Island, Spontoon Atoll
A biographical sketch of Gus Kitzel, pilot & adventurer
Gus Kitzel when he was in the Flying Tiggers (AVP)
Bernie introduces a companion to the Giant Rat of Sumatra (& Fred)
Fred and small floatplane
Map of the Oystralian Confederacy
"Stinger" meets our travelers at a New Sion metropolitan airfield
Bernie & Cheebles & detective Mick Charlton search midst tiki mist