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*  Update 22 May 2008  *
First posted 1 May 2008

Beryl's Spitfire
As told by Simon Barber

Miss Beryl Parkesson's entry at the 1946 Spontoon Speed Week air races:
A somewhat modified Supermarine Spitfire Mark 27...

Beryl's Spitfire racer 1946 - Simon Barber

Simon says: Really techie aircraft fans might recognise the propellor aerofoil.
 Yes, some of those actually flew (sadly, not on
Spitfire variants in 1946)
 though they caused acute nausea and headache
to ground crew.
Gotta love those spiralling circular shockwaves!

Hmm. Where did Beryl get that? It's Speed Week 1946. Was she meant to take it to Spontoon
 or did she find it lying around on some secret testing airfield
 and reason "nobody's using it right now ..." ?
Beryl's Spitfire 1946 (2) - Simon Barber

Beryl's Spitfire 1946 (3) - Simon Barber

Beryl & Eva Schiller discuss parts origins for Beryl's Spitfire - by Simon Barber
Beryl and Eva Schiller discuss parts sources - by Simon Barber *

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