Spontoon Island
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*  Art added: 28 July 2010  *
First posted: 8 June 2008

A Busy Half-Century
© 2008 by Walter D. Reimer

Thomas Nast editorial cartoon: Columbia protects the Rain Coast - Art by MoodyFerret - from Part 2 of 'A Busy Half-Century' by Walter Reimer
"Protecting the Weak" - Art by MoodyFerret - (larger file here - 462 KBytes)
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/moodyferret/ (some mature content)

Thomas Nast cartoon in the 11 September 1885 Harper's Weekly Magazine (New York)
(from Part 2 of "A Busy Half-Century")

Part One: Proclamation
Part Two: Recognition  *
Part Three: Constitution
Part Four: War (and Peace)
Part Five: Gunboats
Part Six: Contracts
Part Seven: Changes
Part Eight: Proclamation Day

ending this popular history of the founding of Rain Island

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