Spontoon Island
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Cranium Island
 & surrounding areas & dimensions
Home island of a Very Experimental & Scientific community:
Stewards of unique flora & fauna, and Very Other ecological resources.

" 'That's strange!' whispered Florence. 'Reminds me of something an
aged sailor told me once, something that happened on the Asiatic
side of the Pacific. Too long to tell now. Tell you sometime though.
Doesn't seem as if there could be any connection. Surely couldn't be.
But you can never tell. Better turn over and go to sleep.' "
(The Cruise of the O-Moo, by Roy J. Snell, 1922 - page 35)

Rene Krickafalloozi, Lady Mad Scientist - by Jerry Collins
**  Dr. René Krickafalloozi, Lady Mad Scientist - by Jerry Collins  **
(Larger file here - 707 KBytes)
(As sometimes seen on Cranium Island....)

"Catch of the Day" Beginnings of a new species - Art by Shoxxe, commissiioned by Reese Dorrycott
"Beginning of a New Species"  *
Art by Shoxxe - http://shoxxe.deviantart.com/
  Scene & charcters by Mr. D. Reese Dorrycott - http://www.naorhy.com

"Anthropologists who visited a certain small island somewhere between Cranium Island and the
were confused by how those strange intelligent furred-reptiles evolved. Generations of work
went into to discovering the how. Those who visited the Spontoons never found any records
 or vocal legends; those who visited Cranium Island... Well, it is Cranium Island.
As there were no written records, and the peoples of that little island were closed-lipped
about their history, no one learned that the source of this strange species was not evolution, but love."

Flying boat & swimming monster - art by J.P. Morgan
Pilot's Advisory: "Warning: Landings and overflights are 'Right Out'!"

Castaway on Cranium Island (Simon Barber)

"Please Do Not Pick the Flowers & Do Not Be Picked By the Fungi"

Betty discovers the wonders of Cranium Island
Betty the smuggler discovers the wonders of Cranium Island
by Simon Barber

(Upload 22 July 2008)

Cranium Island - Betty's native contact
Cranium Island 3 - Betty's native contact by Simon Barber
Simon Barber says:
Another pic that's probably the last recorded one of these 2 smugglers.
They should have brought Betty with them rather than double-crossing her
to the Spontoon Islands Constabulary for the reward money ...

"Peer Review" (Cranium Island) (thumbnail) by Simon Barber
"Peer Review" (Cranium Island) by Simon Barber
(Larger image here)
(Upload 5 October 2009)

A tale of mad science in six movements, with coda

by E.O. Costello
SSS pulp zine cover - art by Rusty Haller - story by E O Costello
Pulp magazine cover
(larger image here)

Alpha Zarahoff from Cranium Island (character study art by Kjartan)
(character by Simon Barber)

Cranium Is to Spontoon Is map (KFletcher)
Cranium Island in the
Spontoon Island Archipelago

Season's Greetings from Cranium Island!

Merry New Aeon 1928 from Cranium Island!

Sylas Fonoforo, Games Director, Special Social Pool