Spontoon Island
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27 August 2008
Speed Week!
Cardstock Auto Racers
by Steve Lortz

(Perhaps found on the activity page of a Spontoon Island weekend newspaper?)

Cardstock auto racers - by Steve Lortz

Cardstock Autocar Racers

by Steve Lortz
(Sculptor of miniatures and game designer of "Fight On the Floor"
and "Quacktica: Battles For the Soul of Middle Aesopia".)

The Spontoon Island Speed Week Figure Eight Event is run at the Spontoon Speedway, a high-banked, quarter mile oval with a crossover for running figure eight races. If there are more than four entrants in a race, the owners can assign two-digit numbers, and write the numbers on the sides of the cars using a Sharpie fine-tip pen. Dinkum Duckworth is driving number 93, the custom built Duckworth "BlueBird". I hope it's obvious which car on the sheet is the Duckworth "BlueBird"!

    1. Copy or print the racers on cardstock (I use 110 pound).
    2. Cut each racer out along its rectangular outline.
    3. Score each piece along its horizontal lines.
    4. Fold down along the middle line so the images of the racers are visible on each side, then fold the base flaps (and brown bottom flap) out.
    5. Using a pair of scissors or a hobby knife (do be CAREFUL), cut away all the gray areas.
    6. Glue the two image panels together.
    7. After that glue is dried, fold the bottom (brown) flap under, and glue it to the two base flaps.

Now you have four racers for the "Spontoon Island Speed Week Figure Eight Madness Event"!

© 2008 by Steve Lortz - Permission granted to copy for personal use only.
                Speed Week!