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  First posted 24 August 2008
*  Updates to pages 24 July 2016  *
**  Update 29 July 2016  **
***  Update 22 August 2016  ***
***  Air Racing Art Archive 5 begins  ***
Speed Week 2016 begins - 24 August 2016
**** Upload of art 25 August 2016  ****

Speed Week Billboard - by Warren Hutch
"Speed Week Billboard Banner" by Warren Hutch -
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/warren/  -  warrenhutch@yahoo.com

***  [Information for contributors, with reference Links]  ***

Air racing and a week of other organized races -
Set in the 1930s, on some unique Pacific Islands
in the Spontoon Island Archipelago.

InfoCom worker on South Island taxi pier (Speed Week - Spontoon Island - 1930s - by Ken Fletcher
****  Speed Week InfoCom worker (on right) with Althing licensed touts.  ****
'Meet & Greet' for clients arriving on the water-taxis - South Island central resort taxi pier.
The InfoCom worker is there to provide 'mostly' impartial information & arbitration....
by Ken Fletcher - Larger files here (807 KBytes) and here (2 MBytes)

(Over-heated engine; 'nuff said) - Jerry Collins, idea & pencils; Ken Fletcher, grey tones
***  "(Over-heated engine; 'nuff said)"  ***
Jerry Collins - idea & pencils; Ken Fletcher, grey tones
Larger file here (1 MByte)

(Ken's commentary): One of the sad events in the life of a racing seaplane owner.

Also, some of the happy events in the life of a seaplane owner: It WAS paid-off.
It also looks like the owner/pilot made a safe exit from the plane.
With a little overwatch from the Caterpillar Kami, our Spontoon Speed Week
racer will safely parachute to island earth or lagoon beach, to fly again.

Speed Week 2016 (Spontoon Island) notice - by Ken Fletcher
Speed Week 2016 notice... and request for art & text contributions.
Sketches and re-posts are okay, if they are close enough to the themes.
See the Speed Week Contributors page, if you wish detailed suggestions.

"Coming In Full-Throttle" by Jerry Collins
**  "Coming In Full-Throttle" - by Jerry Collins  **
(Larger file here - 1 MByte)
Upload 4 September 2014

Welcome to Speed Week!

Links to sub-pages
***  Speed Week History & the Schneider Trophy  ***
Stories about Speed Week & Racing
***  Air Racing Art Archive 1
***  Air Racing Art Archive 2  ***
Air Racing Art Archive 3
Air Racing Art Archive 4
***  Air Racing Art Archive 5  ***
Air Racing Personalities
Auto & Motorcycle Racing
Spectators - Tourists and Locals

***  Information for Contributors  ***

'Wanna Lei' welcomes you to Speed Week (thumbnail) - by Dennis Clark
'Wanna Lei' welcomes you to Speed Week - by Dennis Clark
(Larger file here - 1.9 MBytes)

("Wanna Lei can be found greeting disembarking passengers from the
weekly China Clipper.
When not at the dock, she entertains at
Madam Woo’s Prestige Establishment for Discerning Gentlemen." - Via Mr. Clark)

"In the opposing (seaplane racing) camps there were alternations of
elation and despair, brought about as first one and then the other side
 was seen to have an aircraft capable of breathtaking speed."

(David Mondey on the 1926 Schneider Trophy race over Chesapeake Bay;
USA vs. Italy. From his book "The Schneider Trophy" - page 175)

'Rongway Roo', December 1935, long-distance record flight (Spontoon Island setting) - by Ken Fletcher
***  'Rongway Roo', December 1935, record long-distance flight  ***
by Ken Fletcher

"If you're flying with a tail-wind, don't take all the credit for your ground-speed."
(Air-racing Pilot 'Rongway' Roo - 1934)
Quotes Basket

Aircraft Racing
Blitzen II color side view - by R. J. Bartrop
Bugman und Dross "Blitzen II" as it appeared at its 1938 Speed Week debut.
(Flown by Ilsa Klensch) (larger image - 1.3 MBytes)
Art by R.J.Bartrop - http://rjbartrop.artspots.com

Ilsa Klensch flies the Blitzen II - 38 Schneider (thumbnail)  - by R.J. Bartrop
"Ilsa puts the Blitzen II through its paces during the 1938 Speed Week."
(larger image - 1.3 MBytes) -
Art by R.J.Bartrop - http://rjbartrop.artspots.com

Overtaking racingplane 1938 (thumbnail) by R. J. Bartrop
"German flier Ilsa Klensch overtakes the American entry during the 1938
Schneider Trophy race." (Pacific Press RadioPhoto) - (larger image - 1.3 MBytes)
Art by R.J.Bartrop -

Conway R-3 floatplane (color) - by R.J. Bartrop
Conway R-3 Racing seaplane - by R.J. Bartrop
http://rjbartrop.artspots.com - larger image here (1.3 MBytes)

Conway R-3 floatplane plan views (thumbnail) - by R.J. Bartrop
Plan views of the Conway R-3 floatplane - R.J. Bartrop
http://rjbartrop.artspots.com - very large image here (1.3 MBytes)

Conway R-3 during 38 Schneider race (thumbnail) - by R. J. Bartrop
Conway R-3 at speed during 1938 Schneider Trophy Race.

(larger image - 1.3 MBytes) - by R.J. Bartrop

"Lucky 7" floatplane racer (taxiing into base during thunderstorm) - by Jerry Collins
"Lucky 7" floatplane racer - by Jerry Collins - (Larger file here - 816 KBytes)
(Taxiing into base during a thunderstorm, before the rain.)
Uploaded 26 September 2014

Aircraft Racing Art - Page 1
Aircraft Racing Art - Page 2
Aircraft Racing Art - Page 3
Aircraft Racing Art - Page 4
***  Aircraft Racing Art - Page 5  ***
(Posted 22 August 2016)
(Links to separate pages with open images - large in size)

Long-distance & inter-island air racing

"Another thing that had to be taken into consideration was the number
of competitors in this Pacific flight. Already nine planes had been
entered and there probably would be more. He knew some of the airmen
by reputation; plucky skillful pilots who would give any man
a race for his money...."

(Ted Scott, pilot, in First Stop Honolulu, by Franklin W. Dixon, 1927 - page 114)

Pilot Littlefoot and her Bellanca 300 aircraft - by Ken Fletcher
Long-distance flight over the Pacific Ocean to Spontoon Island.
Bellanca J-300 Monoplane 1931 (Ken Fletcher)

"Miss Nell Littlefoot and her Bellanca aircraft 'SORI Lady!' at the end of the Eastern Island runway,
just after completing her long-distance flight (Chicago to Spontoon Island) in 1931. Her navigator
was in later pictures, when they were able to wake him up.
Nell is overcome with awe, admiring her award from the Standard of Rhode Island company,
with their exercise of industrial-aesthetic, the "Oil Over The Waves" Oil Dispenser Trophy.
Her mood became more cheerful when she found out the 2-gallon oil can base was stuffed
full of 20-dollar gold certificates.
This inscription on her autographed photo was only used for a short time."

***  "The Spirit of Yucaipa"  ***
by Marc Shirmeister

Speed Week Internationale poster (French) (thumbnail) - by Stuart McCarthy
  Speed Week 1935 (French Poster) by Stuart McCarthy

Speed Week History
(including the Spontoon Island Racing Association (SIRA)
and the move of the Schneider Cup Races to Spontoon)

Air Racing 1945 & 1946
as reported by Simon Barber

Rocket 88 Thumbnail by Stuart McCarthy
"Rocket-88" by Stuart McCarthy [Larger image here - 1.1 MByte]
Speed Week snail by JWKennedy
Speed Week snail by JWKennedy

"Ahead, dangerously close to his track, was a rowing boat and Kenworthy
applied a little rudder to steer (his flying-boat) clear. Immediately the Pellet
began to porpoise violently, its hull hitting the water with resounding
thumps.... the Pellet became airborne in a semi-stalled condition and,
pushed to starboard by propeller torque, the wingtip touched the surface
and the aircraft heeled over and went beneath the surface like a stone."

(Pre-race tests, 1923. The Schneider Trophy, by David Mondey, 1975 - page 127)

Speed Week Stories

Italian Speed Week poster 1937 (thumbnail) - by Stuart McCarthy
Italian Poster for Speed Week 1938 - by Stuart McCarthy
[Larger version Here]

" 'This was Mr. Kenworthy's second bath in the Pellet, which after
its double diving demonstration may as well be
known in the future as the Plummet.' "

(C. G. Grey, quoted in The Schneider Trophy, by David Mondey, 1975 - page 128))

Air-Racing Personalities
The Sorensteen Sisters
Lady Katie MacArran
Lady Pamela Fenwick
Sophia (Casadonte) Bianco
Ilsa Klensch
The McCradden Family
Diverse Mechanics
Update 23 October 2014

Pilot Marie leSalle 'The Quebec Comet' - by Jerry Collins
**  Pilot Marie leSalle - "The Quebec Comet" - by Jerry Collins  **
Larger file here (766 KBytes)

"The roar that poured from the clipped exhaust stacks
mixed with the blat of the props as they bit into the spray
and created a din that could be heard for miles, a long, high pitched howl
that sent shivers of delight through the crowds lining the shore."

(from 'The Story of the Schneider Trophy Race' in This Was Air Travel
by Henry R.Palmer, Jr. -

Auto Racing
Update 16 October 2014

"You pedal it." A driver for the Speed Week Races - Juvenile Automobile Class) - by Taral Wayne
"You pedal it."  (More background at Taral's archive)
(A new driver for the Spontoon Speedweek Races - Juvenile Automobile Class)
Cartoon by Taral Wayne - Larger files here (455 KBytes) & here (756 KBytes)

Motorcycle Racing
(Update 16 October 2014)

"1936 Pacific Basin TT races" by William Earl Haskell
"Scene from the 1936 Pacific Basin TT Races" by William Earl Haskell
(larger file here - 884 Kb)
(posted 10 March 2010)

Tourists & Locals

"Seaplane Enthusiasts" (Spontoon Island Speed Week, seaplane time trials - by Jerry Collins
"Seaplane Enthusiasts" by Jerry Collins - inks by Ken Fletcher  *
A family of tourists watches seaplane time trials in the Spontoon Lagoon
during Speed Week - With commentary by a Racing Committee Guide.
Larger file here (2 MBytes)
Upload 29 April 2015

Leena Klarasdottir will answer your questions - by Ken Fletcher
Lenna Klarasdottir answers your questions - by Ken Fletcher

Drama by the Lagoon! - Art by Ken Fletcher
Drama by the Lagoon! - by Ken Fletcher  *

"A tourist notices a female pilot from one the local aeronautical schools"


Superior Engineering
excellence in aircraft maintenance

Aircraft of the Spontoon Islands
("Air Bases")

Information for Contributors

"...Jacques Schneider's original wish to promote interest
in seaplaning had degenerated into a madcap struggle for
speed supremacy using planes built only for racing
and good for nothing else."

(from 'The Story of the Schneider Trophy Race' in This Was Air Travel
by Henry R.Palmer, Jr. -

Speed Week Billboard on beach - by Warren Hutch
Speed Week billboard on beach - by Warren Hutch
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/warren/  -  warrenhutch@yahoo.com

"Dachu-Dachu" The Tiki of Victory (Patron of Athletes) (thumbnail) - by Jerry Collins
"Dachu-Dachu" The Tiki of Victory (Patron of Athletes) by Jerry Collins
(Grey-tones by K. Fletcher)