Spontoon Island
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First upload 6 December 2009
*  Art by Kjartan added 13 November 2012  *
**  Art by Kjartan added 19 January 2013  **
*** "9 & 11 August 1937" added 3 February 2013  ***

Amelia, Lady Allworthy (neé Amelia Bourne-Phipps) & her friends
(educated adventuresses all, and warrior priestesses, some)
encounter the World after Songmark Academy -- beginning July 1937.

Contents page

Extracts from a Diary:

by Simon Barber
(May include the occasional mature situation.)

"Being the twenty-seventh part of the adventures of Lady Amelia Allworthy
(neé Bourne-Phipps)
having completed her Songmark training.
She’s off to see the world now – hopefully it won’t see her first…"

 from "Storm Birds" - art by Kjartan - characters by Simon Barber
Mr. Eddie Sanchez, owner of the yacht, Eldorado (Larger file here - 523 KBytes)
He's talking movies with 'Kim-Anh Soosay' & 'Molly Procyk' (Amelia & Molly)
from "Storm Birds" by Simon Barber (6 August 1937)
Art by Kjartan - characters by Simon Barber

20 & 21 July 1937
A christening & the start of a journey
(additional text 6 January 2010)

22 July 1937
After arriving on Rain Island, & dealing with some unwelcome visitors,
Amelia & friends are invited to visit with the Sealth City
synod of religious leaders.
(31 March 2010)

23 July 1937
Flying East over the western Canadian mountain passes
in the Storm Bird floatplane.
(31 August 2011)

24 July 1937
Three Claws is a quiet lake-side village.
(12 March 2012)

25 July 1937
Mounties investigate. Warrior priestesses think of possibilities.
(17 July 2012)

26, 27, 28 July 1937
To Thunder Bay, Ontario, and a gasoline strike! A round-trip - and back with fuel.
A family of flying companions is met.
(12 August 2012)

Miss Jenks and her two half-brothers, as met in Thunder Bay Ontario. (thumbnail) - Art by Kjartan; characters by Simon Barber
"Miss Honoria Jenks, thoroughbred mare of an excellent Old English family, *
and her half-brothers..."
as encountered at the Maple Flag Hotel (Thunder Bay, Ontario)
by Amelia & her flying companions.(As seen in the 27 July 1937 section.)
- Art by Kjartan - (Larger file here - 807 KBytes)

(29 July 1937 does not have a separate diary entry)

30, 31 July, & 1 August 1937
Boston at last! Staying with Miss Cabot's adoptive family of upper-class Boston.
Exploring the 'old' city and dodging Sunday services.
(4 September 2012)

2 & 3 August 1937
An attempted kidnapping at a park - with law enforcement complications. Who's Molly?
A party of Boston socialites, with some uniquely American Senators.
(16 September 2012)

4 August 1937
G-men confused. A grandmother's flight in the Storm Bird. A party for the younger set; certain
Hollywood types met. Eldrich Boston at night is spied - Senator Lovecraft is their guide.
(28 September 2012)

Senator Howard Lovecraft, 1937, giving a tour of eldrich Boston (thumbnail) - Art by Kjartan, character by Simon Barber
Senator Howard Lovecraft of Rhode Island, Anthropomorphologist & folklore expert,  *
giving a tour in 1937 of the eldrich neighborhoods of Boston. (Larger file here - 501 KBytes)
Art by Kjartan - character by Simon Barber

(5 August 1937 does not have a separate diary entry)

6 & 7 August 1937
Amelia & Miss Cabot decide to do a good deed - combined with a departure by yacht,
avoiding G-men. The good deed requires disguises as Kim-Ahn Soosay & Molly Procyk,
 and film-tests and some casting-couch time. Their escape will introduce us to
the French Isle of St. Pierre, off the Canadian coast.
 (10 October 2012)

Mr Eddie Sanchez, on the yacht 'Eldorado', with Amelia & Molly (thumbnail art) - Art by Kjartan, characters by Simon Barber
**  Mr. Eddie Sanchez, owner of the yacht, Eldorado (Larger file here - 523 KBytes)  **
Art by Kjartan - characters by Simon Barber

8 August 1937
Amelia & Miss Cabot rough-it for an evening, on French territory.
The next morning familiar seaplanes are discovered. Disguises are removed.
They fly to Newfoundland to prepare for their flight across the Atlantic.
Miss Cabot learns disturbing news about an unexpectedly close relation.
 (20 October 2012)

***  9 & 11 August 1937  ***
Saint Johns, Newfoundland: Preparing the Storm Bird to fly the Atlantic.
Miss Jenks & her brothers will cross with them, in their own floatplane.
There is a wait for clear weather and seaplane maintenance.
 (3 February 2013)

Amelia's Diaries continue in: "A Tale of Two Lidos"
Beginning 1 February 2013

Extracts from a Diary (Amelia at Songmark Academy - Spontoon Island)

Lady Allworthy (Amelia Bourne-Phipps) by Frederick Andersson