Spontoon Island
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Keeping the Lights Burning
an adventure of the Navigational Aid Service
by Richard B. (Rick) Messer
Chapter 1: Death and the Missing Light!
Chapter 2: Survivors and the Shipwreckers Found!
Chapter 3: The Running Fight!
Chapter 4: Revelations!
Chapter 5: The Truth Will Out!
Chapter 6: Picking Up Pieces
Chapter 7: Point and Counterpoint
Chapter 8: Vows and Promises!
Chapter 9: Dark Clouds and Silver Linings!
Chapter 10: The Gathering Storm
Chapter 11: Clashing Thunderheads
Chapter 12: Rain Must Fall!
Chapter 13: Clear Sailing Ahead!
Epilogue  *

* Author's Note *
(at the bottom of this webpage)

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Character by Rick Messer; art by Rusty Haller
Celene Monvel, actress & agent
(introduced in Chapter 5)
(larger file here - 922 Kbytes)

Art by Rusty Haller

An Art Archive for "Keeping the Lights Burning"
as illustrated by L. Frank & Rusty Haller

a background article by Rick Messer:
The Spontoon Island Navigational Aid Service

The Great Pandemic 1918-1920
an essay about the alternate history of  a reduced Simian & Human population


    I wish to take this opportunity to thank the following people for making ‘Keeping the Lights Burning’ possible:

    To Taral Wayne, for directing me to ‘Spontoon Island’ after having written to a couple of other APAs.  Thanks, Taral!

    To Ken Fletcher, for taking the chance in publishing my work on his website.  Several people have voiced their displeasure at my introducing humans to an otherwise anthro world.  But this has been my realm of writing; working in a mixed species universe.  And Ken has helped guide me through these troubled waters by printing my essay on the Spanish Influenza pandemic that reduced the human population to a handful.  Thanks, Ken, for believing in me!

To Rich Larson, for letting me use Nola Stevens and the Tum-Tum Club.  And for approving my generating a little of her former life.  And I hope he doesn’t mind my turning Nintendo Island into a women’s refuge from a violent male world.  Thanks, Rich!

To Louis Frank and Rusty Haller, for doing the artwork of some of my characters.  Thanks, guys, for the efforts.  And there will be more commissions along these lines, whenever the money comes in.

And to all the loyal SI readers who dropped in to read my tale.  Thank you, so very much!

Richard Messer


Now that Silas and Beverly have tied the knot, their honeymoon will be anything but ordinary!

Silas will meet up with an old enemy, as well as a specter from the past!

There will be friends on hand to lend a hand, and a secret weapon on which their future will hinge!

    So be on hand when the last human couple discover:


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