Spontoon Island
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First posted 18 January 2011

A deep sea diver from Tahiti, who makes the Spontoon Islands
her home in the 1930s.
(Lei-Lani character is the intellectual property of: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lei-lani/)

An archive of art by Rusty Haller
Sharing the romance of Lei'Lani & Alex Decker on the Spontoon Atoll
(Some art may be for the mature for adult relations & nudity.)
(Alex Decker is the intellectual property of Rusty Haller's estate.)
(A Spontoon Island memorial webpage of work by Rusty Haller is linked here.)

"I'll always protect you" - by Rusty Haller - Alex Decker & LeiLani characters
"I'll always protect you." - by Rusty Haller (larger file - 242 KBytes)
Alex Decker & Lei'Lani on the Spontoon Atoll.
"Even sparkling, glamorous Casino Island has it's dark corners...
Old China Docks is perhaps the darkest of them all."
"Alex rescues Lei'Lani from a gang of drunken sailors who had tried to drag her
into an alley and steal the money she had earned from salvage and pearl diving.
Had Alex not been there to intervene, they might very well have done much worse than
simply rob the lovely Otter girl. During the struggle, Alex received a minor knife wound
 in the right leg, but as you can see, that didn't even slow him down."
(Text by Rusty Haller)
Characters by Rusty Haller & Lei'Lani
http://aceandqueenie.com/  <><><>  http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lei-lani

"A Warm Afternoon" (Alex Decker & Lei'Lani at private pool, Marleybone Hotel) - by Rusty Haller - characters by Haller & Lei'Lani
"A Warm Afternoon" by Rusty Haller - http://aceandqueenie.com/
(Alex Decker & Lei'Lani at a private pool at the Marleybone Hotel)

"A Perfect Evening" - Lei-Lani & Alex Decker dancing at the Marleybone Hotel - by Rusty Haller - characters by Lei-Lani & Rusty Haller
"A Perfect Evening" by Rusty Haller - http://aceandqueenie.com/
(Alex Decker & Lei'Lani dancing at the Marleybone Hotel)
Lei'Lani character by http://www.furaffinity.net/user/lei-lani/

"A Love Stronger Than the Tides" Alex & Lei-Lani in a sea-swept embrace - art by Rusty Haller - characters by Rusty & Lei-Lani
"A Love Stronger Than the Tides"
Alex & Lei'Lani in a surf-swept embrace
Art by Rusty Haller - (Larger file here - 1.1 MBytes)